Gameplay Friday

Every Friday on my Twitter page, I have a thread with different gameplay ideas that I use in The Daily Plumbob. This page features a comprehensive list of those threads.
Week 1: Combination Community Lots
Week 2: Hobbies & Interests, Clubs & Skills
Week 3: Banking & Finance: How You Use Your Simoleons
Week 4: Education: What Will You Learn?
Week 5: Parenting & Family Relationships
Week 6: Attraction & Romance
Week 7: When Relationships Go Wrong
Week 8: Jobs & Careers
Week 9: Teenagers: Gameplay, Aging & Mood Swings
Week 10: Rainy Day Activities
Week 11: Family Outings
Week 12: Fame & The Celebrity Lifestyle
Week 13: Children & Childhoods
Week 14: The University Experience
Week 15: Restaurants & Retail: Being A Business Owner
Week 16: Seasons & Holidays
Week 17: Supernatural & Paranormal: Occults In My Game
Week 18: Rotational Gameplay: Creating A Diverse Save
Week 19: Going Shopping: Spending Those Simoleons
Week 20: Sims Full Of Life
Week 21: Seasonal Activities: Building Relationships
Week 22: Inspiration & Ideas: Sims Trailers
Week 23: Making A House A Home
Week 24: Making Money Without A Career

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