Mods & CC

I do love making use of mods for my gameplay. While I don’t use many of the ‘big’ mods, I have a few that expand on the game. This list features the main mods I use. I have several smaller tuning mods, plus numerous addons by BakieGaming, which I highly recommend for your lots. More of the mods I use and how I use them can be found on the various Gameplay pages on this website.

Big Mods
Basemental Alcohol ~ Allows the Sims to get drunk when drinking from bars.
Wicked Whims ~ Used particularly for the attraction system it provides.
Passionate Romance, Romantic Skygaze and Slowdance ~ Adds a few extra romantic interactions for couples. Also adds the Romantic Selfie, which has provided numerous ‘posed’ screenshots. For additonal romance-based mods, see my page on Attraction and Romance.

Biggish Mods
SimCity Loans ~ Scarlet’s got a lovely mod adding loans into the game.

Small Mods
LittleMsSam ~ Ultrasound Scan

Custom Content
Hair ~ Mostly by KiaraZurk and simstrouble

Favourite Modders
Ilkavelle ~ Careers, Aspirations and Interactions
KiaraSims4 ~ Careers, Aspirations, Interactions and Traits
Kutto ~ Traits and Spells
KawaiiStacie ~ Afterschool Activities, General Mods

Feel free to ask if you see something in any of my screenshots. You can drop a comment on the blog, or get in touch via Tumblr or Instagram ~ Both are Where Can I Find friendly.

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