Patch Day Updates ~ Patch 1.96

This is the update post for the Infants patch. This gives the initial status of the mods and will be updated as things change.
After early testing, it seems like everything is working okay; a few minor corrections for careers, lot traits and holiday traditions but nothing critical.
Further testing may reveal issues, so this post will be updated to reflect any changes.

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Year 6: Summary

If you’ve recently started reading the stories, then welcome to The Daily Plumbob! I hope you’ve been enjoying the stories so far. Feel free to browse the Archive to pick out some stories, or view the Residents page, click on a resident and browse through their life. Make yourself comfortable and I hope you have fun! As always, don’t be afraid to comment; I love receiving comments! But if you’re more of a silent reader, then I hope you enjoy yourself! Either way, a very warm welcome to you all and a big thank you to everyone who’s been sharing, liking and commenting. I love you all.

On to the summary!

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