Seasons, Time & Ageing

Seasons & Time
I currently play with all seasons set to 28 days, to allow for plenty of time in each season, although it frequently doesn’t feel like it’s enough! I’m searching for ways to extend the seasons but so far had no luck. This means that each Sim-Year lasts 112 days.

I have pregnancies set in WickedWhims to last 84 days – the equivalent of 3 seasons, or nine months.

I switched ageing off at the beginning of this game and I age up everyone manually on their birthdays.
The exception to this rule is for the younger sims. Toddlers are aged up on their birthday until they’re due to start school (see Primary Education).

For school-aged toddlers, children and teenagers, they officially age up in the Autumn, just before they start school. Teenagers leaving secondary education age up in summer, just as school ends for the summer, after they turn 18. This is for starting Uni/work purposes.
A Young Adult ages to Adult on their 40th birthday.
An adult ages to Elder on the 60/65th birthday (undecided yet).

6 thoughts on “Seasons, Time & Ageing

  1. Hi, i just find you’re blog and it’s amazing do way you play, i’ve got so many good ideas to implement. I don’t know if you already talked about this, but how your aging system works? Like the years you’re always talking about in your post (like 1 sim day = 1 sim year?).


    1. Hi there!
      The aging is fairly straightforward. 1 year = 112 days. The reason for this is that a year is 4 seasons and my seasons are on 28 days each. Each sim has a literal birthday (the day they were born) so they have a birthday each year.
      As far as aging up, I mention that in my Aging section on this post but they only age to a new age stage on certain years.
      Hope that helps and thanks for commenting!


  2. I’m still going through your gameplay posts, so maybe you’ve answered this elsewhere but how do you handle elder deaths, with aging off? That’s something I’m still fine-tuning with my Sims 4 and haven’t quite figured out how I want to do it.


    1. Haven’t covered that yet myself. I’m not completely sure myself but I’m thinking I might cheat it. I’d prefer them to be more spontaneous and not pre-planned, as it were but I really don’t want aging on at all. So I really haven’t figured that out either yet.

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