San Myshuno

This city is made up of four distinct districts: the Spice Market, the Fashion District, The Arts Quarter and Uptown.

In addition, Myshuno Meadows is a large city park tucked beneath the skyscrapers if your Sims need to get away for a touch of nature.

Depending on where your Sims choose to live, you’ll get a very different flavor of the city. You might find yourself in a cramped, roach-infested studio apartment in the Arts Quarter… Or you might be enjoying a breathtaking view of the city from your very own tricked-out rooftop penthouse Jacuzzi in Uptown.

Arts Quarter

Hakim House 121 – Hayley Bolton
San Myshuno Arts Centre






Fashion District

Chic Street 1313 21 – Daniel Clancy & Zackery Dennis
Petite Fleur Boutique







Myshuno Meadows


Spice District

The Community Centre
The Sport Court
Culpepper House #17 – Kaiden Townsend
#18 – Jack Goldsmith & Marcella Winter
#19 – Tony Peterson
Jasmine Suites
2A – Gerald & Daisy Davies
2B – Justina Berry














Alto Apartments
1020 – Rebecca Livingston


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