Where It All Began

For those interested in such things, The Daily Plumbob started with eight students at Foxbury; Andrea, Hollie, Rebecca, Ellie, Jared, Will, Ethan and Kaiden. The idea was that I wanted the eight of them to really develop their personalities and careers during and after their time at University. This ended up working out better than I envisioned and the game spread out from there.

A History

Even though I took eight students to University, only five of them graduated with degrees. I’d decided that if a student was suspended twice, they’re ‘expelled’ from the University and cannot re-enroll in the near future. Will, Ellie and Ethan were expelled for poor performance, so they didn’t gain their degrees.

During times when various Sims had been suspended, the game generated NPC roommates. I made them over and, over the course of time, these were Isabella, Cristina, Hayley, Justina, Javon, Simon, Ryan and Gerald. Each of them were fascinating to have around the dorm and later became active sims in their own right.

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