Zoe De Luca

Zoe De Luca

Bio: Social butterfly Zoe wants to be the life and soul of the party.

Born: Day 12, Spring, Year ???
Traits: Genius, Gregarious, Innocent, Insider, Maker, Sage
Personality: Popularity Sim
Hobby: Science
Aspiration: Leader of the Pack
Age: 20
Career: None
Education: —-
Clubs: None
Partner: Rohan Elderberry, Fiancé
– Spring, Year 4
Children: None
Parents: Magnus & Marie De Luca
Siblings: Jared, Riccardo, Emilio, Tara, Alex, Che
Home: La Casa Familiare, Parched Prospect, Oasis Springs

The eldest daughter in the family, Zoe was always a little bit tougher and bolder than some of her younger siblings. When she first met Rohan, she fancied him a lot and finally got the chance to get to know him just before he went away to Foxbury. They started dating secretly for a while before they were discovered. Zoe enjoyed flirting and when she started studying Drama at UBrite, she enjoyed flirting a little with other guys. Rohan surprised her by proposing at the very beginning of Year 5 and she accepted.
Romantic History: Tara started dating her brother’s dormmate, Rohan Elderberry, in Spring, Year 4. Initially, they tried to keep it secret but eventually, Riccardo found out. Unfortunately, Magnus has made it clear he disapproves. Rohan and Zoe got engaged at the beginning of Year 5.
– Rohan Elderberry – Spring, Year 4 – Present

Easter Special
Big Happy Family
Meet Magnus
Forward Thinking
It’s A UBrite Tale
Academic Excellence: Part 1
Endless Summer Nights: Part 1
Endless Summer Nights: Part 2

Family Ties
Love Is In The Heart
We’re Going To Party All Night
Up The Amp; The Music Festival
The New Year Beckons
Another Term Begins
Bank Holiday Monday
– Academic Excellence: Part 2
Double Trouble


Zoe as a teenager

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