Zackery Dennis

Zackery Dennis

Bio: Zackery is mad on music and has a goal to eventually be a truly wonderful and very famous DJ in Del Sol Valley. For now, he satisfies his musical urges as Hayley Bolton’s producer.

Born: Day 15, Autumn, Year ???
Traits: Artist, Good, Innocent, Muser, Music Lover, Squeamish
Personality: Pleasure Sim
Hobby: Music & Dance
Native Language: Simlish
Aspiration: Music Producer
Age: 31
Career: Music Producer for Hayley Bolton/DJ
Education: N/A
Clubs: Hayley Bolton’s Management
Partner: None
Children: None
Home: 1313, 21 Chic Street, Fashion District, San Myshuno

Zackery met Hayley at the UTA Music Festival one year and offered to help her with her career. She accepted and he became her producer. Zackery is also a DJ in his own right and even mixes his own tracks. He moved into Daniel’s flat when Daniel was looking for a roommate.
Romantic History: Zackery hasn’t dated.

A Trouble Shared
Thank You For Being A Friend

A Singing Sensation
Home At Last
Cram For The Exam
3 Hearts, 2 Men, 1 Decision

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