William Stanton

Rising Star

William Stanton

Bio: William Stanton is the childhood friend of George Harrington, James Worthington and Francis Stilton. William is a Cambridge man, after having attended the same boarding school as George, James and Francis. His wife, Emily Shortcross, supported him when he decided to leave his wealthy, snobbish relatives behind and the couple followed their friends to the countryside to begin anew.

Born: Day 11, Summer, ???
Traits: Active, Caregiver, Domestic, Family Oriented, Hero, Neat
Personality: Family Sim
Hobby: Sports
Aspiration: Big Happy Family
Age: 30
Career: Athlete
Education: None
Partner: Emily Stanton, Wife
Wedding Date: Day 22, Autumn, Year ???
Children: Soley, Nina, Caiden, Warwick, Aoife, Sayer
Parents: None
Siblings: None
Home: Twin Oaks, Ridgeline Drive, Newcrest

William met Emily at University and after they married, they moved to Newcrest with their children. He got a job as a footballer for a local team and he casually writes children’s stories on the side.
Romantic History: William and Emily met at University and have been a couple ever since. They married shortly after Emily turned 20 and have been married for around 7 years.
– Emily Stanton – ??? – Present

Full House
One Fine Day
The Beauty Of Autumn



Twin Oaks

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