Will Major

Will Major

Prime Vampire

Bio: Will became interested in the supernatural shortly after leaving Foxbury, when he discovered his girlfriend, Lillith, was a vampire. Shortly after leaving, she turned him into a vampire himself. However, Will wants to become a strong, feared vampire and is becoming known for compelling his victims before drinking.

Born: Day 3, Summer, Year ???
Traits: A True Master, Dastardly, Everyman, Goofball, Greedy, Kleptomaniac, Mean
Personality: Pleasure
Hobby: Film & Literature
Aspiration: Chief of Mischief
Age: 26
Career: Criminal
Education: None
Clubs: Pack A Plasma Punch
Partner: Lillith Vatore, Girlfriend
Children: None
Parents: None
Siblings: None
Home: Wolfsbane Manor, Forgotten Hollow

Will studied briefly at Foxbury before he was expelled. He was fascinated by vampires, after having been beaten in a fight by Donald Burnett. He met Lillith one night at a club and they developed a relationship. Later, Lillith turned Will and he moved from his tiny flat in San Myshuno to her home on Forgotten Hollow. Will’s quickly become a powerful and strong vampire with a severe feud with Simon.
Romantic History: Will never dated during his short time at Foxbury before he was expelled. Shortly before leaving the campus, he met Lillith on a trip to the city and the two struck up a close relationship during a party at a nightclub. After leaving the University, Will developed a fascination with Lillith and her lifestyle and the two are still going strong.
– Lillith Vatore – Autumn, Year 1 – Present

A Vampiric Showdown

Nothing To Be Afraid Of
I Think I Want To Marry You


Will, Year 1

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