Warwick Stanton

Warwick Stanton

Bio: Warwick’s very independent and enjoys learning about things by himself. Thankfully, he’s not often in as much trouble as his twin, Aoife, and is fairly easy to manage.

Born: Day 20, Spring, Year 1
Traits: Independent
Personality: N/A
Hobby: N/A
Aspiration: N/A
Age: 4
Career: None
Education: None
Partner: None
Children: None
Parents: William and Emily Stanton
Siblings: Soley, Nina, Caiden, Aoife, Sayer
Home: Twin Oaks, Ridgeline Drive, Newcrest

Warwick doesn’t have a history yet.
Romantic History: Warwick is still a child.

Full House
One Fine Day
The Beauty Of Autumn

A Little Family Party


Twin Oaks

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