Tara De Luca

Tara De Luca

Bio: Tara loves people and loves meeting new people and making friends.

Born: Day 19, Autumn, Year ???
Traits: Artist, Daydreamer, Everyman, Loves Outdoors, Muser
Personality: Romance Sim
Hobby: Cuisine
Aspiration: Social Butterfly
Age: 15
Career: None
Education: Year 10, Senior School
Clubs: None
Partner: Indigo Casson, Boyfriend
Children: None
Parents: Magnus & Marie De Luca
Siblings: Jared, Riccardo, Zoe, Emilio, Alex, Che
Home: La Casa Familiare, Parched Prospect, Oasis Springs

Personal History: Tara was born in Oasis Springs. She spent most of her childhood being terrorised by her brother, Alex.
Career History: Tara hasn’t had a job yet.
Romantic History: Tara developed a crush on Indigo after starting senior school. She discovered he felt the same and they went on their first date in Autumn, Year 6. Their early relationship was fraught with difficulties, mostly in the form of Indigo’s mother, Eve.
– Indigo Casson ~ Autumn, Year 6 – Present

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Big Happy Family
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Bank Holiday Monday
Further Education

Family Ties
Love Is In The Heart
What’s Mine Is Yours
Spreading A Little Light
The Big Day
Out Of Touch: Part 2
Papa, Don’t Preach
Indigo’s First Date
Oh Mother


Tara as a child
Tara as a pre-teen

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