Simon Vatore (Née London)

Minor Vampire

Simon London

Bio: Simon has two main ambitions; to become a highly thought-of doctor and to become a vampire. Right now, he has no idea how the two will merge but he’s determined to make it work…somehow.

Born: Day 20, Spring, Year ???
Traits: Active, Erratic, Geek, Hero, Quick Learner, Sage
Personality: Family Sim
Hobby: Fitness
Aspiration: Master Vampire
Age: 26
Career: Doctor
Education: Biology Degree from the University of Britechester
Clubs: Polite Plasma
Partner: Caleb Vatore, Husband
Wedding Date: Day 18, Winter, Year 4
Children: None
Parents: None
Siblings: None
Home: Casters Keep, Glimmerbrook

Simon studied Biology at UBrite with the intention of becoming a doctor. He went on a single date with Hollie but it didn’t go anywhere and Simon later realised he was gay. He’d always been fascinated by vampirism and, after graduating, he went in search of vampire Vladislaus but instead found Caleb. He and Caleb formed a close friendship and Caleb turned him. Their relationship turned romantic and they began dating. After avoiding becoming involved in a plot conceived by Vladislaus, Simon and Caleb went into hiding and moved to Glimmerbrook with Cristina, Simon’s friend from Uni. Simon and Caleb are jointly raising Willow.
Romantic History: Simon went on a single date with Hollie Croft when he studied briefly at Foxbury but the relationship never went anywhere. He started officially dating Caleb Vatore at the end of the summer of Year 3 and they were married in Winter, Year 4.
– Caleb Vatore – Summer, Year 3 – Present

The Dark Night
A Doctor In The House
Nothing To Be Afraid Of
Spooky Goings On
The House of Fun
Hopelessly Devoted
The Vampire Family
I Think I Want To Marry You
More Spooky Goings On
Love Changes Everything


Photo Albums
Caleb & Simon: Engagement Album
Caleb & Simon Vatore: Wedding Album

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