Rohan Elderberry

Rohan Elderberry

Bio: After his parents died, Rohan moved in with his grandparents in Britechester, before attending Foxbury. He’s not entirely sure yet what he wants to do with his life.

Born: Day 24, Summer, Year ???
Traits: Ambitious, Artist, Loner, Perfectionist, Quick Learner, Sage
Personality: Knowledge Sim
Hobby: Film & Literature
Aspiration: Academic
Age: 20
Career: None
Education: Studying Language and Literature at Foxbury Institute, Second Year
Clubs: Freshers
Partner: Zoe De Luca, Fiancée
Children: None
Parents: None
Siblings: None
Home: Briny Tower, Foxbury Institute, Britechester

Rohan’s parents died when he was young and Rohan went to live with his grandparents. He became good friends with Riccardo and Elliott and the three started Foxbury together. Rohan started secretly dating Riccardo’s sister Zoe because he was worried about Ricky’s reaction. Their relationship was discovered but Riccardo had no objections. Rohan struggled to get along with Magnus. Rohan found Zoe flirting with other guys at Uni and panicked; he proposed to her shortly afterwards and she accepted.
Romantic History: Rohan went on a date with Rebecca Livingston in Autumn, Year 3. In Spring, Year 4, Rohan started dating his friend Riccardo’s younger sister, Zoe De Luca. Initially, he tried to hide the relationship from Riccardo but they were discovered around Valentine’s Day. At the very beginning of Year 5, when he was 19, Rohan proposed to Zoe and she accepted.
– Zoe De Luca – Spring, Year 4 – Present

Fresher’s Week
Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained
Love Is In The Heart
Carpe Noctern
Another Term Begins
A Fresh Outlook
– Academic Excellence: Part 2

Foundation For The Future
Meet Magnus
We’re Going To Party All Night
Bank Holiday Monday
Endless Summer Nights: Part 1
Endless Summer Nights: Part 2

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