Richard Diamond

Richard Diamond

Bio: Richard aims to study hard at University to complete his degree.

Born: Day 6, Spring, Year ???
Traits: Caregiver, Child of the Islands, Materialistic, Perfectionist, Quick Learner, Sage, Self Assured, Studious
Personality: Knowledge
Hobby: Nature
Aspiration: Academic
Age: 21
Career: N/A
Education: Studying Physics at Foxbury Institute, Third Year
Clubs: N/A
Partner: None
Children: None
Parents: None
Siblings: None
Home: Tidal Towers, Foxbury Institute, Britechester

Richard started studying Physics at Foxbury Institute and around the same time, met Rebecca at a festival. They had a brief romance before he moved on with Tina at University.
Romantic History: Richard met Rebecca Livingston at the Romance Festival at the very beginning of Year 3. He also started up a romance with Tina Carmichael in Spring, Year 3, although it hasn’t yet gone anywhere.

The Spring Term
What’s The Name Of The Game?
A Foxbury Farce
Cram For The Exam

Happy New Year!
Auld Lang Syne

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