Rebecca Livingston

B Lister

Rebecca Livingston

Bio: Rebecca is fairly promiscuous and has been unable to hold on to a steady relationship. A turbulent romantic history with Gerald Davies has led to a number of short term affairs, none of which are doing her reputation any good. Rebecca is a B-Lister.

Born: Day 20, Summer, Year ???
Traits: Alluring, Hates Children, Hero, Hot Headed, Lover, Romantic, Self Absorbed, Sorority Girl
Personality: Romance Sim (Primary); Pleasure Sim (Secondary)
Hobby: Film & Literature
Aspiration: Serial Romantic
Age: 27
Career: Actress/Model
Education: Drama Degree from Foxbury Institute
Clubs: The Actors Company
Partner: Dale McGrath, Boyfriend
Children: None
Parents: None
Siblings: Ellie
Home: 1020 Alto Apartments, Uptown, San Myshuno

Rebecca was one of the original 8 Sims to go to University. She studied Drama, keen on becoming an actress. She met and started dating Gerald while she was there, although the relationship was very rocky. After graduating, she moved to San Myshuno and shared a flat with her twin, Ellie. It didn’t last long and after Ellie moved out, Rebecca started dating David the local repoman. She started starring in some big projects and met co-stars Jack, Daniel and Dale. She began a casual affair with Jack, which fizzled when he found out about Gerald and David. Throughout this period, she found herself struggling with every scene she had with Daniel, leading Ellie to suspect she was secretly in love with him, which Rebecca denied. Eventually, her relationship with David fizzled out too. She then started casually dating Dale. Her career started struggling and she moved into a flashy flat in Uptown, San Myshuno. She began a modelling career to top up her income.
Romantic History: Rebecca began dating Gerald Davies on and off at Foxbury for the entire duration of her degree. After graduating, she continued to see him but also started up a casual relationship with local repoman, David Torrez. Around the same time, she started a casual affair with co-star, Jack Goldsmith before agreeing to officially date David. Jack broke off his fling with Rebecca when he discovered she’d been seeing other men in the Summer of Year 2. Rebecca broke up with David in Autumn, Year 2. She had a series of trysts with Dale McGrath before starting a little fling with Richard Diamond at the very beginning of Year 3. She also bumped into David in Winter, Year 5 and they rekindled their romance.
– Gerald Davies – Autumn ??? – Present
David Torrez – Autumn, Year 1 – Autumn, Year 2; Winter, Year 5 – Present
– Jack Goldsmith – Autumn, Year 1 – Summer, Year 2
– Dale McGrath – Winter, Year 3 – Present

That’s A Wrap!
A Public Nuisance
Could This Be Any Harder?
Happy New Year!
The Winds Of Change
Things Don’t Always Turn Out That Way
Auld Lang Syne
Rebecca Does It Again
3 Hearts, 2 Men, 1 Decision

Classically Cool
Dancing With Deception
The Next Level
Losing Control
The Spring Term
Family Ties
Out Of Love With Love
The Price Of Fame
Cruel Summer
Fresher’s Week
Donation Drive
You Make Me Believe In Love
Life Goes On
Summer Fling Or The Real Thing?
Moving Up
A Sudden Family Man
The New Year Beckons
Happy Anniversary
The Big Day
Lights, Camera, Action!
Thank You For Being A Friend
The Start Of Something


Rebecca, Year 1

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