Matteo Moretti

Matteo Moretti

Bio: Matteo is a natural showoff and loves creating vlogs and playing basketball.

Born: Day 14, Winter, Year ???
Traits: Active, Everyman, Frat Boy, Hero, High Metabolism
Personality: Popularity Sim
Hobby: Sports
Aspiration: Student Athlete
Age: 17
Career: N/A
Education: Year 13, Senior School
Clubs: Qualisim Basketball Team
Partner: None
Children: None
Parents: Angelo & Romina Moretti
Siblings: Anna, Catarina, Luca & Elena
Home: Villa Bella, Parched Prospect, Oasis Springs

Personal History: Matteo grew up in Monte Vista and moved to Oasis Springs with his family when his eldest sister, Anna, started University.
Career History: Matteo hasn’t had a job yet.
Romantic History: Matteo hasn’t started dating yet.

You Can’t Choose Your Relatives

Further Education

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