Marie De Luca (Née Caputo)

Marie De Luca

Bio: An aspiring writer, Marie has wanted to be a published author all her life. She never had much chance to succeed while raising seven children but will all of them either in school or grown up, it looks like this might be her time!

Born: Day 21, Spring, Year ???
Traits: Caregiver, Erratic, Family Oriented, Lover, Muser, Romantic
Personality: Family Sim
Hobby: Cuisine
Aspiration: Bestselling Author
Age: 50
Career: None
Education: N/A
Clubs: Haute Cuisine
Partner: Magnus De Luca, Husband
Children: Jared, Riccardo, Zoe, Emilio, Tara, Alex, Che
Grandchildren: Sienna, Bellarosa
Parents: N/A
Siblings: N/A
Home: La Casa Familiare, Parched Prospect, Oasis Springs

Personal History: Marie grew up in Monte Vista, where she met Magnus, Romina and Angelo. She and Magnus married and moved to Oasis Springs after they had Jared and had six more children after him.
Career History: Marie worked as a writer’s assistant for many years but gave the job up after having Che.
Romantic History: Marie was quite shy and nervous around men, until she met Magnus. In spite of her parent’s initial objections, she married him fairly soon after they met. They’ve been together for nearly 30 years and had seven children together.

Easter Special
Big Happy Family
Meet Magnus
Forward Thinking
Bank Holiday Monday
Further Education

Family Ties
Fresher’s Week
We’re Going To Party All Night
What’s Mine Is Yours
The Big Day
You Can’t Choose Your Relatives
Out Of Touch: Part 1
Double Trouble

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