Marcella Winter

Marcella Winter

Bio: An aging actress, Marcella’s never had much luck in her career. Having felt so isolated for so many years, she’s hoping to develop some strong friendships among the circle of friends she’s found herself in.

Born: Day 22, Winter, Year ???
Traits: Family Oriented, Gregarious, Innocent, Lover, Materialistic, Romantic
Personality: The Craftsman
Hobbies: ???
Favourite Music: Backyard
Aspiration: Friend of the World
Age: 37
Career: Actress
Education: N/A
Clubs: The Actor’s Company
Partner: Jack Goldsmith, Boyfriend
– Since Winter, Year 3
Children: Sean
Parents: N/A
Siblings: None
Home: 18 Culpepper House, Spice District, San Myshuno
Romantic History: Marcella met Jack on set of a series she was in and they hit it off. They began dating and Marcella moved into Jack’s flat six months after they started dating.
– Jack Goldsmith – Winter, Year 3 – Present

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