Lucia Collazo

Lucia Collazo

Bio: An aspiring detective, Lucia’s determined to succeed with her Psychology degree at Foxbury. She enjoys meeting with other people and is fervently hoping her budding relationship will go the distance.

Born: Day 19, Summer, ???
Traits: Artist, Glutton, Greedy, Muser, Self-Absorbed, Slob
Personality: Family Sim
Hobby: Film & Literature
Aspiration: Painter Extraordinaire
Age: 22
Career: None
Education: Studying Psychology at Foxbury Institute, Second Year
Clubs: A Little Piece Of Italy
Partner: Riccardo De Luca, Boyfriend
Children: None
Parents: N/A
Siblings: None
Home: The Close, Foxbury, Britechester

Lucia started studying Pyschology at Foxbury, with the intention of becoming a detective. She met fellow Italian, Riccardo, there and the two started dating.
Romantic History: Lucia and Riccardo started a mild flirtation in Spring, Year 4 which developed into a full relationship.
Riccardo De Luca – Spring, Year 4 – Present

Carpe Noctern
Foxbury Freshers ~ Part 1
Foxbury Freshers ~ Part 2

Nothing Venture, Nothing Gained
Love Is In The Heart
We’re Going To Party All Night
Another Term Begins
The Big Day
Pursuing Dreams
Double Trouble

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