Lillith Vatore

Master Vampire

Lillith Vatore

Bio: Since Lillith started dating Will Major, she’s begun to wonder if she’s taking the right direction in life.

Born: Year ???
Traits: Active, Creative, Domestic, Hero, Lover, Outgoing
Personality: Family Sim
Hobby: Sports
Aspiration: Vampire Family
Age: 144
Career: None
Education: None
Clubs: Polite Plasma
Partner: Will Major, Boyfriend
Children: None
Parents: None
Siblings: Caleb
Home: Wolfsbane Manor, Forgotten Hollow

Lillith and Caleb lived together in Forgotten Hollow since they became vampires. When Lillith met budding vampire Will, she was smitten and quickly turned him at his request, a decision she might later regret. Since her relationship with Will, she’s lost more of the bond with her brother and they had a small feud which, thankfully, was patched up at Caleb and Simon’s wedding.
Romantic History: Lillith started dating Will Major shortly after she met him. So far, they’ve been together for two years and are still going strong.
– Will Major – Autumn, Year 1 – Present

A Vampiric Showdown

The Dark Night
I Think I Want To Marry You

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