Justina Berry

Justina Berry

Bio: Athletic Justina played football for UBrite and was an active participant in the Britechester Spirit Corps. Having taken up her dream job as a bodybuilder upon graduation, she’s excited for her future.

Born: Day 2, Spring, Year ???
Traits: Cheerful, Child of the Ocean, Clumsy, High Metabolism, Innocent, Jester
Personality: The Commander
Hobbies: Violin, Piano, Fitness
Aspiration: Bodybuilder
Age: 25
Career: Bodybuilder
Education: Biology Degree from the University of Britechester
Clubs: The Simoleon Philharmonic Society
Partner: None
Children: None
Parents: None
Siblings: None
Home: 2B Jasmine Suites, Spice District, San Myshuno
Romantic History: Justina had a slight flirtatious understanding with Javon Edge while at UBrite but in spite of a growing attraction on her part, nothing seems to have come of it. She’s developed a strong crush on her colleague at the Philharmonic Society, Kaiden Townsend.

Home At Last

Classically Cool
Family Ties
The Price Of Fame
Don’t Let Me Be The Last To Know
Life Is A Rollercoaster

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