Jared De Luca

Jared De Luca

Bio: Fascinated by computers and robots, Jared is building himself a fabulous career as an engineer. As a sideline though, he’s developed an interest in robotics and their incorporation into every day life. Where will this lead?

Born: Day 2, Winter, Year ???
Traits: Business Savvy, Caregiver, Glutton, Good, Greedy, Snob
Personality: Knowledge Sim ~ Primary, Family Sim ~ Secondary
Hobbies: Boxing, Programming
Aspiration: Fabulously Wealthy
Age: 26
Career: Computer Engineer
Education: Computer Science Degree from Foxbury Institute
Clubs: AI Inspired
Partner: Andrea De Luca, Wife
– Since Winter, Year 1
Children: None
Parents: Magnus & Marie De Luca
Siblings: Riccardo, Zoe, Emilio, Tara, Alex, Che
Home: Bouquet Cottage, Conifer Station, Evergreen Harbour
Romantic History: Jared and Andrea met in their first week at Foxbury. They remained good friends throughout their time at University but didn’t strike up a relationship until they started living in the same building, in Winter, Year 1. They moved in together in Summer, Year 2. Jared proposed to Andrea in Winter, Year 3 and they got married in Brindleton Bay on Summer 21, Year 5.
– Andrea Houston – Winter, Year 1 – Present

Valentine Romance
New Digs
Meeting The Parents
Merry Christmas!
Family Ties
We’re Going To Party All Night
One Giant Step For A Woman
What’s Mine Is Yours
The Big Day

1st Anniversary Magic
Losing Control
Easter Special
Big Happy Family
Donation Drive
Bank Holiday Monday

Photo Albums
Jared & Andrea De Luca: Wedding Album


Jared, Year 1

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