Jared De Luca

Jared De Luca

Bio: Fascinated by computers and robots, Jared is building himself a fabulous career as an engineer. As a sideline though, he’s developed an interest in robotics and their incorporation into every day life. Where will this lead?

Born: Day 2, Winter, Year ???
Traits: Business Savvy, Caregiver, Glutton, Good, Greedy, Snob
Personality: Knowledge Sim
Hobby: Arts & Crafts
Aspiration: Fabulously Wealthy
Age: 28
Career: Computer Engineer
Education: Computer Science Degree from Foxbury Institute
Clubs: AI Inspired
Partner: Andrea De Luca, Wife
– Since Winter, Year 1
Children: Bellarosa, Sienna
Parents: Magnus & Marie De Luca
Siblings: Riccardo, Zoe, Emilio, Tara, Alex, Che
Home: Bouquet Cottage, Conifer Station, Evergreen Harbour

Jared was one of the original 8 Sims to go to University. He kept his head down and studied hard, graduating with a Computer Science degree. He got a job as a computer engineer and moved to San Myshuno. He struck up a relationship with his close friend from Uni, Andrea and six months later, she moved in with him. They later moved to Evergreen Harbour and Jared’s younger brother, Riccardo, lives with them during the holidays. Jared and Andrea got married in Summer, Year 5 in a fair-sized ceremony in Brindleton Bay. Nine months after their wedding, Jared learned that they were having a baby.
Romantic History: Jared and Andrea met in their first week at Foxbury. They remained good friends throughout their time at University but didn’t strike up a relationship until they started living in the same building, in Winter, Year 1. They moved in together in Summer, Year 2. Jared proposed to Andrea in Winter, Year 3 and they got married in Brindleton Bay on Summer 21, Year 5. In Winter, Year 6, on Jared’s birthday, he and Andrea welcomed twins, Sienna and Bellarosa.
– Andrea Houston – Winter, Year 1 – Present

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Photo Albums
Jared & Andrea De Luca: Wedding Album


Jared, Year 1

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