Jack Goldsmith

Rising Star

Jack Goldsmith

Bio: Jack started his career as a model for the University of Britechester’s Art Society. Now a talented actor, Jack has been in a multitude of high ranking films and series, although sadly has never been awarded for his work and dedication to drama.

Born: Day 23, Spring, Year ???
Traits: Art Lover, Artist, Everyman, Glutton, Muser, Non Comittal
Hobbies: Acting, Jogging, Singing
Favourite Music: Alternative
Aspiration: Master Actor
Age: 40
Career: Actor
Education: None
Clubs: The Actors Company
Partner: Marcella Winter, Girlfriend
Children: Sean
Parents: None
Siblings: None
Home: 18 Culpepper House, Spice District, San Myshuno
Romantic History: Jack met Rebecca on the set of Tournaments Of Honour and the two struck up a very passionate romance, although neither of them committed anything to the relationship. Jack broke things off with Rebecca when he realised he was one of a string of boyfriends and romances in her life. Shortly afterwards, in the summer of Year 2, he began a relationship with singer, Hayley Bolton. Hayley wouldn’t commit to a full relationship with Jack until the autumn of that year. Jack and Hayley became an official couple on Autumn, Day 25, Year 2. They dated for a year and split up Winter, Year 3. Shortly afterwards, Jack met Marcella Winter on set and they began dating.
Rebecca Livingston – Autumn, Year 1 – Summer, Year 2
Hayley Bolton – Autumn, Year 2 – Winter, Year 3
Marcella Winter – Winter, Year 3 – Present

Dancing With Deception
The Next Level
Out Of Love With Love
Replace Your Heart
Moving Up
The New Year Beckons
This Little Life Of Mine

That’s A Wrap!
The Sky’s The Limit
Bromance In The Making
A Public Nuisance
New Release
Merry Christmas!
Happy New Year!
The Price Of Fame
You Make Me Believe In Love
Colour Me Happy
We’re Going To Party All Night
A Sudden Family Man
A Trouble Shared
Happy Anniversary
The Big Day
Friend Zone

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