Jack Goldsmith

Rising Star

Jack Goldsmith

Bio: Jack started his career as a model for the University of Britechester’s Art Society. Now a talented actor, Jack has been in a multitude of high ranking films and series, although sadly has never been awarded for his work and dedication to drama.

Born: Day 23, Spring, Year ???
Traits: Art Lover, Artist, Everyman, Glutton, Muser, Non Comittal
Personality: Popularity Sim
Hobby: Film & Literature
Aspiration: Master Actor
Age: 40
Career: Actor
Education: None
Clubs: The Actors Company
Partner: Marcella Winter, Girlfriend
Children: Sean
Parents: None
Siblings: None
Home: 18 Culpepper House, Spice District, San Myshuno

A talented actor, Jack began his career as a long term model for UBrite’s Art Society and acted in between. He finally made the shift to acting full time and he’s never looked back. In spite of his tremendous talent, he’s not yet been awarded for his work. Jack’s had a string of famous relationships, including Rebecca, Hayley and currently, Marcella.
Romantic History: Jack met Rebecca on the set of Tournaments Of Honour and the two struck up a very passionate romance, although neither of them committed anything to the relationship. Jack broke things off with Rebecca when he realised he was one of a string of boyfriends and romances in her life. Shortly afterwards, in the summer of Year 2, he began a relationship with singer, Hayley Bolton. Hayley wouldn’t commit to a full relationship with Jack until the autumn of that year. Jack and Hayley became an official couple on Autumn, Day 25, Year 2. They dated for a year and split up Winter, Year 3. Shortly afterwards, Jack met Marcella Winter on set and they began dating. They have a son, Sean, together.
Rebecca Livingston – Autumn, Year 1 – Summer, Year 2
Hayley Bolton – Autumn, Year 2 – Winter, Year 3
Marcella Winter – Winter, Year 3 – Present

Dancing With Deception
The Next Level
Out Of Love With Love
Replace Your Heart
Moving Up
The New Year Beckons
This Little Life Of Mine

That’s A Wrap!
The Sky’s The Limit
Bromance In The Making
A Public Nuisance
New Release
Merry Christmas!
Happy New Year!
The Price Of Fame
You Make Me Believe In Love
Colour Me Happy
We’re Going To Party All Night
A Sudden Family Man
A Trouble Shared
Happy Anniversary
The Big Day
Friend Zone

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