Hollie Richmond (Née Croft)

Hollie Richmond (Née Croft)

Bio: Hollie worked hard at University and, against the odds, passed with good grades to become a teacher and lecturer at Foxbury, her old school. She’s saving up for a bigger house, since their tiny home in Willow Creek isn’t big enough for the family plans she’s having.

Born: Day 27, Summer, Year ???
Traits: Care Giver, Dance Machine, Domestic, Good, Hero, Self Assured
Personality: The Champion
Hobbies: Cooking, Jogging
Aspiration: Super Parent
Age: 24
Career: University Lecturer
Education: Degree in Psychology from Foxbury Institute
Clubs: The Cinema Girls
Partner: Ethan Richmond, Husband
Wedding Date: Day 13, Spring, Year 1
Children: Jenna, Jareth
Parents: None
Siblings: Daisy
Home: Ivy Cottage, Foundry Cove, Willow Creek
Romantic History: Ethan and Hollie met as friends at Foxbury University before Ethan was expelled. Hollie had a single date with Simon London before getting together with Ethan, who she’d had a crush on since day 1, at a Romance Festival in Sany Myshuno. They got engaged after a dinner date at Eden and married shortly after Hollie’s graduation, during the next Romance Festival in San Myshuno.
– Ethan Richmond – Autumn, Year 0 – Present

1st Anniversary Magic
A Growing Family
Another New Direction
Birthday Girl
Mistletoe And Wine
It’s A Family Matter
Now Or Never
Going Alone
They Say Romance Isn’t Dead
Don’t Let Me Be The Last To Know
Life Is A Rollercoaster

World United
Family Ties
Charity Begins At Home
Colour Me Happy
The Vampire Family

Photo Albums
Ethan and Hollie’s Wedding Album

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