Hayley Bolton

Hayley Bolton

Bio: Hayley is a popular pop singer with a legion of fans. She’s released one album to date and toured across SimNation with her concerts.

Born: Day 11, Autumn, Year ???
Traits: Active, Bro, Muser, Outgoing
Personality: Pleasure Sim (Primary); Popularity Sim (Secondary)
Hobby: Music & Dance
Aspiration: Musical Genius
Age: 27
Career: Singer
Education: Language and Literature Degree from the University of Britechester
Partner: Ryan Valentine, Fiancé
Children: None
Parents: None
Siblings: None
Home: 121 Hakim House, Arts Quarter, San Myshuno

Hayley always had a passion for singing, even when she was studying at University. Her dream came true after graduating and she started getting good offers for concerts. She headlines the Up The Amp Music Festival nearly every year and has one recorded album on the market. She’s had a few problems with the fame her career has brought her; two affairs were brought to light courtesy of the press following her around and her relationships with Jack and Raúl were destroyed when those affairs were revealed.
Romantic History: Hayley met Jack Goldsmith at the Romance Festival in Spring, Year 2 and they began casually dating in the summer of that year. Initially afraid she was a rebound girl, Hayley resisted any attempt at making things official with Jack until the Autumn of the same year. Jack officially became her boyfriend on Autumn, Day 25, Year 2. They dated for a year before splitting up in Winter, Year 3. Hayley started having an affair with Raúl Mendoza in Spring, Year 3. In Autumn, Year 3, Hayley started an affair with neighbour and old university friend, Ryan Valentine. Raúl broke up with Hayley in the Autumn of Year 4, after discovering her relationship with Ryan. After dating for three years, Ryan proposed to Hayley in Winter, Year 6 and the couple became engaged.
– Jack Goldsmith – Autumn, Year 2 – Winter, Year 3
– Raúl Mendoza – Spring, Year 3 – Autumn, Year 4
– Ryan Valentine – Autumn, Year 3 – Present

A Singing Sensation
The Sky’s The Limit
New Release
Cruel Summer
Up The Amp; The Music Festival
Something About Hayley
There’s Snow Way Without You

Dancing With Deception
The Next Level
The Spring Term
Family Ties
Out Of Love With Love
The Price Of Fame
Friends For Life
Together Again
What’s The Name Of The Game?
Replace Your Heart
Colour Me Happy
Life Goes On
Carpe Noctern
Something Strange In The Neighbourhood
Another Term Begins
The Big Day
Cram For The Exam
Endless Summer Nights: Part 2
Further Education
Affairs Of The Heart
Personal Soldier

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