Gerald Davies

Gerald Davies

Bio: Impulsive, Gerald hasn’t had a lot of luck in life yet. With an atrocious reputation, he’s not feeling like he’s accomplished a lot yet and his on-again, off-again relationship with celebrity Rebecca Livingston hasn’t helped much.

Born: Day 13, Spring, Year ???
Traits: Child of the Islands, Everyman, Evil, Greedy, Home Turf, Loner
Personality: Fortune Sim
Hobby: Fitness
Aspiration: Beach Life
Age: 27
Career: Chef
Education: Culinary Arts Degree from the University of Britechester
Partner: None
Children: Vanya
Parents: None
Siblings: None
Home: 2A Jasmine Suites, Spice District, San Myshuno

Gerald originally began studying at Foxbury for his degree. During his short time there, he met the original 8 Sims, including sisters, Rebecca and Ellie Livingston. Gerald was a major flirt in the dorm, serenading everyone in the building. He began his relationship with Rebecca during this time. Later, he dropped out of Foxbury and started his Culinary Arts degree at UBrite. His time there was uneventful and he moved to San Myshuno on his graduation, later getting a job as a chef. He dated Ellie for a year and later met Daisy and married her. Gerald and Daisy between them opened a restaurant, The Sand Bar, in Sulani and he’s since started taking Toki Sulani language lessons. Soon after, Gerald won a Starlight Accolade award for his cookery book, just as he and Daisy were celebrating their first anniversary. Gerald discovered Daisy had been having an affair with her brother-in-law and they promptly divorced. He became a father for the first time in Spring, Year 6 after Daisy gave birth to their daughter, Vanya.
Romantic History: Gerald dated Rebecca Livingston on and off throughout her time at Foxbury, where he was also a student for a time. After leaving to join the University of Britechester, Gerald and Rebecca cooled their relationship off. They’ve went on numerous dates but it remained casual. Gerald later started dating Rebecca’s sister Ellie in Spring, Year 2 but they broke up after only a year when Ellie found out he was seeing Rebecca.. In Summer, Year 4, Gerald asked Daisy Croft out after discovering he needed to get married to claim an inheritance. He successfully married her in a quick, secret ceremony in Sulani and grabbed the inheritance money. They divorced a little over a year later after it was revealed Daisy had been having an affair.
– Rebecca Livingston – Autumn, Year 0 – Present
– Ellie Livingston – Spring, Year 2 – Spring, Year 3
– Daisy Croft – Summer, Year 4 – Autumn, Year 5 (Divorced)

An Unlikely Match
Summer Fling Or The Real Thing?
Now Or Never
A Bite To Eat
A Restaurant In Time
A Clash Of Interests
Happy Anniversary
Letting Go Is Never Easy

That’s A Wrap!
Dancing With Deception
Losing Control
Charity Begins At Home
It’s A Family Matter
Life Goes On
Life Is A Rollercoaster
The Big Day
Thank You For Being A Friend
The Moment Of Truth
The Start Of Something
Further Education

Photo Albums
Gerald & Daisy: Wedding Album
Gerald & Daisy: Honeymoon Album

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