Fabian Sanchez

Fabian Sanchez

Bio: Fabian wants to make some friends.

Born: Day 5, Autumn, Year ???
Traits: Artist, Clumsy, Collector, Everyman, Gloomy, Music Lover
Personality: Family Sim
Hobby: Sports
Native Language: Simlish
Aspiration: Soulmate
Age: 20
Career: N/A
Education: Studying History at University of Britechester, First Year
Clubs: N/A
Partner: Rex Graves, Boyfriend
Children: None
Home: Study Inn, University of Britechester, Britechester

Fabian started studying History at UBrite, where he met Rex.
Romantic History: Fabian and Rex met at University and were smitten with one another very quickly. They started dating in Spring, Year 5.
– Rex Graves – Spring, Year 5 – Present

It’s A UBrite Tale
Academic Excellence: Part 1
Endless Summer Nights: Part 1
Endless Summer Nights: Part 2

The Big Day
– Academic Excellence: Part 2

Photo Albums
Fabian & Rex: First Date

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