Ethan Richmond

Ethan Richmond

Bio: Ethan slacked off at University, leading to him being expelled before finishing his degree. Taking up a job as a Critic wasn’t ideal but without a degree, his options were limited. It’s embarrassed him that Hollie earns significantly more than he does and he’s determined to prove his worth.

Born: Day 7, Winter, Year ???
Traits: Ambitious, Geek, Lover, Outgoing, Quick Learner, Sage
Personality: Knowledge Sim
Hobby: Science
Aspiration: Computer Whiz
Age: 27
Career: Tech Guru
Education: Studying Computer Science at Foxbury Institute, Second Year
Partner: Daisy Davies, Fiancée
Children: Jenna, Jareth
Parents: None
Siblings: None
Home: 1310, 21 Chic Street, Fashion District, San Myshuno

Ethan was one of the original 8 sims to head to Foxbury Institute. Sadly, due to poor grades, he was eventually expelled. While there, he struck up a friendship with Jared De Luca, and a brief fling with Andrea Houston. Throughout his brief spell at university he maintained a flirtation with Hollie before finally making a go of a proper relationship with her. He was expelled shortly before the other graduated and resided in a tiny apartment for a few months. When Hollie graduated, they bought a small house together. They married and moved to a larger cottage in Willow Creek where they had Jenna. He changed jobs around the same time, leaving his previous position as a Food Critic, a job that was making him miserable. He sighed up as a Tech Guru and later began a degree in Computer Science. During this time, Ethan began a flirtation with Hollie’s younger sister, Daisy. Ethan and Hollie later had a son, Jareth and they moved to a much larger house after Daisy moved out. Ethan and Daisy have kept up their affair and are still seeing each other illicitly. The affair was discovered on a trip to the beach and Ethan and Hollie’s marriage couldn’t survive it. They divorced and Ethan moved out of the family home and into a flat in the city with Daisy. In Winter, Year 6, Ethan discovered Daisy was pregnant.
Romantic History: Ethan and Hollie met as friends at Foxbury University before Ethan was expelled. Ethan briefly dated one of their dormmates, Andrea Houston but finally got together with Hollie during a Romance Festival in San Myshuno. They got engaged after a dinner date at Eden and married shortly after Hollie’s graduation, during the next Romance Festival in San Myshuno. Ethan formally broke off his romantic relationship with Andrea around six months after marrying Hollie. He later started an affair with her sister, Daisy, when the latter moved in to help with their toddler. Ethan and Hollie divorced in Autumn, Year 5 after his affair with Daisy was uncovered. On Christmas Day, Year 6, Ethan proposed to Daisy and the two got engaged.
Andrea Houston – Autumn, Year 0 – Autumn, Year 1
– Hollie Richmond – Autumn, Year 0 – Autumn, Year 5 (Divorced)
– Daisy Davies – Spring, Year 5 – Present
Career History: Food Critic

1st Anniversary Magic
A Growing Family
Another New Direction
Birthday Girl
Mistletoe And Wine
It’s A Family Matter
Now Or Never
Going Alone
They Say Romance Isn’t Dead
Don’t Let Me Be The Last To Know
Life Is A Rollercoaster
Letting Go Is Never Easy
The Beauty Of Autumn
The Moment Of Truth
A New Complication

World United
Happy Anniversary
The Big Day
This Is Life
Endless Summer Nights: Part 1
Out Of Touch: Part 1
Out Of Touch: Part 2
Foxbury Freshers ~ Part 2
Affairs Of The Heart
Christmas In Newcrest

Photo Albums
Ethan and Hollie’s Wedding Album


Ethan at Foxbury, Year 1

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