Ellie Livingston

Ellie Livingston

Bio: After failing University, Ellie dropped out and started working for charity, World United. Hoping to make big changes, she currently dedicated to her career.

Born: Day 20, Summer, Year ???
Traits: Cheerful, Geek, Good, Innocent, Quick Learner, Sage
Personality: Knowledge Sim
Hobbies: Science
Aspiration: Renaissance Sim
Age: 27
Career: Charity Organiser
Education: None
Partner: Jack, Boyfriend
Children: None
Parents: None
Siblings: Rebecca
Home: Apartment #404, Pinecrest Apartments, Conifer Station, Evergreen Harbour

Ellie was one of the original 8 Sims to go to Foxbury Institute. She struggled with academics and eventually was expelled from the University for poor grades. She shared a flat with her sister, Rebecca, for a while but as that arrangement wasn’t working out, Ellie moved into a tiny cottage in Willow Creek. She got a job as a Charity Organiser and has since opened a shop for her charity, World United, in Newcrest. She dated Gerald for a year but ended things when she found he’d been cheating on her. She later moved to Evergreen Harbour in the hopes of generating more attention for her cause. In spite of the end of her relationship with Gerald, the two are on reasonably good terms.
Romantic History: Gerald and Ellie met at Foxbury while Gerald was dating Rebecca, however they didn’t start seeing each other romantically until he’d broken things off with Rebecca. They started dating in Spring, Year 2 but split up in Spring, Year 3. Ellie had a brief fling with Daniel Clancy in Winter, Year 3 but it didn’t lead to anything. She met with her friend Jack one evening at the Arts Centre and they kissed, sparking an affair.
– Gerald Davies ~ Spring, Year 2 – Spring, Year 3
– Jack Goldsmith ~ Summer, Year 6 – Present

That’s A Wrap!
World United
Losing Control
Charity Begins At Home
Donation Drive
Life Goes On
Friend Zone
Let’s Make That Change
Dodged A Bullet

An Unlikely Match
Happy New Year!
Family Ties
Another New Direction
Colour Me Happy
Summer Fling Or The Real Thing?
Now Or Never
Going Alone
Things Don’t Always Turn Out That Way
Don’t Let Me Be The Last To Know
The New Year Beckons
The Big Day
Thank You For Being A Friend
Auld Lang Syne
The Start Of Something
Rebecca Does It Again
3 Hearts, 2 Men, 1 Decision
Affairs Of The Heart


Ellie, Year 2

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