Elena Moretti

Elena Moretti

Bio: Elena’s fairly shy and bookish.

Born: Day 3, Spring, Year ???
Traits: Academic, Bookworm, Everyman, Sage, Socially Anxious
Personality: Knowledge
Hobby: Film & Literature
Aspiration: University Bound
Age: 15
Career: N/A
Education: Year 11, Senior School
Clubs: N/A
Partner: None
Children: None
Parents: Angelo & Romina Moretti
Siblings: Anna, Catarina, Luca & Matteo
Home: Villa Bella, Parched Prospect, Oasis Springs

Elena grew up in Monte Vista and moved to Oasis Springs when Anna started University. Elena has always found it difficult making friends and is naturally very shy.
Romantic History: Elena hasn’t started dating yet.

You Can’t Choose Your Relatives


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