Daisy Davies (Née Croft)

Daisy Davies (Née Croft)

Bio: More of the creative type, Daisy eschewed University in favour or relaxing and focusing on her creative crafts. She moved in with her older sister, Hollie, to help babysit her niece but moved out within weeks after marrying Gerald in a quick ceremony on the beaches of Sulani.

Born: Day 12, Winter, Year ???
Traits: Artist, Calm, Care Giver, Family Oriented, Health Nut, Muser
Personality: Family Sim
Hobby: Arts & Crafts
Aspiration: Lady of the Knits
Age: 24
Career: None
Education: None
Clubs: None
Partner: Ethan Richmond, Fiancé
Children: Vanya
Parents: None
Siblings: Hollie
Home: 1310, 21 Chic Street, Fashion District, San Myshuno

Daisy arrived in Willow Creek in Spring, Year 4 to help her sister Hollie out with her niece. Initially, she wasn’t pleased to be the live in babysitter but she took an instant liking to Hollie’s husband, Ethan and the two developed a flirtation almost instantly. She also spent a lot of time resenting Hollie’s interference in her burgeoning relationship with Gerald and ended up marrying him almost out of spite. However she maintained her flirtation with Ethan and it developed into a full affair about six months after her wedding. Throughout this turbulent period, Daisy continued her old love of knitting, selling things every so often to help with bills as well as helping Gerald with his new restaurant, The Sand Bar, on the islands of Sulani. Shortly after hers and Gerald’s first anniversary, Daisy discovered she was pregnant but as yet, she’s not sure if the father is Gerald or Ethan. After the affair was discovered, Gerald and Daisy divorced and Daisy moved across the city to a flat with Ethan. Daisy gave birth to her daughter, Vanya, in Spring, Year 6. At the end of the same year, after Ethan and Daisy got engaged, Daisy learned she was pregnant.
Romantic History: Daisy first met Gerald on the High Street shortly after moving in with her sister. A few weeks later, Gerald asked her out and she became quite taken with him. She married him in a secret ceremony in Sulani in Summer, Year 4 after dating him for less than a week. Daisy began an affair with her brother-in-law, Ethan, shortly after the wedding. Daisy and Gerald divorced in Autumn, Year 5 after her long-term affair with Ethan was discovered. On Christmas Day, Year 6, Ethan proposed to Daisy and the two became engaged.
– Gerald Davies ~ Summer, Year 4 – Autumn, Year 5 (Divorced)
– Ethan Richmond ~ Spring, Year 5 – Present

It’s A Family Matter
Now Or Never
A Bite To Eat
A Restaurant In Time
A Clash Of Interests
Happy Anniversary
Letting Go Is Never Easy
The Beauty Of Autumn
The Moment Of Truth
A New Complication

Summer Fling Or The Real Thing?
Going Alone
Don’t Let Me Be The Last To Know
Life Is A Rollercoaster
The Big Day
Christmas In Newcrest

Photo Albums
Gerald & Daisy: Wedding Album
Gerald & Daisy: Honeymoon Album



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