Cristina Lombardo


Cristina Lombardo

Bio: Of Italian and African origins, Cristina is determined to be a friend to all and unite the world with peace. She has high hopes for her future. Cristina is a Spellcaster. Not exactly enamored with her life so far, she’s started to question her life choices.

Born: Day 19, Autumn, Year ???
Traits: Geek, Greedy, Gregarious, Hates Children, Innocent, Materialistic
Personality: Knowledge Sim
Hobby: Science
Aspiration: Spellcraft and Sorcery
Age: 27
Career: None
Education: Economics Degree from the University of Britechester
Clubs: The Cinema Girls
Partner: None
Children: Willow
Parents: None
Siblings: None
Home: Casters Keep, Glimmerbrook

Born and raised in Ziwa Bonde, Cristina left for UBrite and graduated with a degree in Economics. She became a Spellcaster shortly after leaving university and started a job in Finance, which she later left. Her identity as a Spellcaster is a secret. She met actor Daniel Clancy when she lived next door to him in San Myshuno and the two started dating him. The relationship became strained when Cristina found she was pregnant. She moved to Glimmerbrook to help hide Caleb and Simon and in turn, they are raising Willow.
Romantic History: Cristina started a relationship with her neighbour, the actor Daniel Clancy. Shortly after she started dating him, she discovered they were expecting a baby together. Cristina split up with Daniel after two years together when she felt it was no longer working out.
– Daniel Clancy – Winter, Year 3 – Winter, Year 5

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