Claire Goldman

Claire Goldman

Bio: Claire aims to study hard at University to complete her degree.

Born: Day 2, Summer, Year ???
Traits: Caregiver, Cheerful, Domestic, Family Oriented, Innocent, Insecure, Materialistic, Music Lover
Personality: Family Sim
Hobby: Music & Dance
Aspiration: Successful Lineage
Age: 20
Career: N/A
Education: Studying Fine Art at Foxbury Institute, Third Year
Clubs: N/A
Partner: Tony Peterson, Boyfriend
Children: None
Parents: None
Siblings: None
Home: Tidal Towers, Foxbury Institute, Britechester

Claire started studying Fine Art at Foxbury. She met Tony there and started dating him, in spite of Ashley’s best efforts to stop her.
Romantic History: Claire started dating Tony Peterson in Autumn, Year 3.
Tony Peterson – Autumn, Year 3 – Present

The Spring Term
What’s The Name Of The Game?
Carpe Noctern
A Foxbury Farce
Cram For The Exam
– Academic Excellence: Part 2

On A Roll?

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