Christopher Valentine

Christopher Valentine

Bio: Sporty and energetic, Christopher’s interests are varied. He enjoys sports, mainly basketball but his biggest hobby is gaming. He’s hoping to become a well known streamer one day. In the meantime, he wants to pursue a career as an actor.

Born: Day 17, Winter, Year ???
Traits: Jester, Lover, Muser, Outgoing, Restless
Hobbies: Basketball, Video Games
Aspiration: Master Actor
Age: 17
Career: None
Education: Year 12, Senior School
Clubs: Qualisim Basketball Team
Partner: None
Children: None
Parents: William & Maggie Valentine
Siblings: Ryan, Elliott, Rosie, Celestia
Home: Oceana Manor, Cavalier Cove, Brindleton Bay
Romantic History: Christopher hasn’t started dating yet.

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