Caleb Vatore

Master Vampire

Caleb Vatore

Bio: Finally at ease with who he is, Caleb is determined to become the most compassionate vampire in the area. Having left Forgotten Hollow to live with Simon, he’s now settled happily in Glimmerbrook.

Born: Year ???
Traits: Ambitious, Foodie, Greedy, Gregarious, Innocent, Materialistic
Hobbies: Mixology, Video Gaming
Aspiration: Good Vampire
Age: 25
Career: None
Education: None
Clubs: Polite Plasma
Partner: Simon London, Husband
Wedding Date: Day 18, Winter, Year 4
Children: None
Parents: None
Siblings: Lillith
Home: Casters Keep, Glimmerbrook
Romantic History: Caleb starting dating Simon London at the end of the summer of Year 3 and moved in with him shortly afterwards. They got engaged in Spring, Year 4 and were married in a quiet ceremony at the Von Haunt Estate on Day 18, Winter, Year 4.
– Simon London – Summer, Year 3 – Present

Spooky Goings On
The House of Fun
Hopelessly Devoted
The Vampire Family
I Think I Want To Marry You
More Spooky Goings On

The Dark Night
A Doctor In The House
Nothing To Be Afraid Of
They Say Romance Isn’t Dead
A Sudden Family Man

Photo Albums
Caleb & Simon: Engagement Album
Caleb & Simon Vatore: Wedding Album

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