Cadmium Casson

Cadmium ‘Caddy’ Casson

Bio: Caddy’s a dreamer but her heart is set on becoming a vet. Desperate to get away from the crazy, artistic household she’s grown up in, she’s ready to fly the nest when she starts University.

Born: Day 4, Summer, ???
Traits: Alluring, Daydreamer, Everyman, Greedy, Self-Absorbed, Worldly
Personality: Romance Sim
Hobby: Sports
Aspiration: Soulmate
Age: 20
Career: None
Education: Studying Veterinary Medicine at UBrite, Year 1
Clubs: None
Partner: Jason Hooper, Boyfriend
Children: None
Parents: Bill and Eve Casson
Siblings: Saffron, Indigo, Rose, Forest
Home: Colour Cottage, Winslar, Windenburg

Caddy’s had always been a day dreamer and, as a result of her dreamy personality, it took two years for her to finally get accepted into University. However, she dropped out after one term due to unexpectedly finding she was pregnant with twins.
Romantic History: Caddy met Jason at University, shortly after arriving for her first term. They became an item very quickly and Caddy found herself expecting twins with him during her first term. Jason moved into Colour Cottage with them after meeting Eve and Bill.
Jason Hooper ~ Autumn, Year 6 – Present

The Colour Chart
Up The Amp; The Music Festival
Spreading A Little Light
The Surprise
Out Of Touch: Part 1
Out Of Touch: Part 2
Papa, Don’t Preach
Oh Mother

– Academic Excellence: Part 2


Colour Cottage

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