Ashley Mitchell

Ashley Mitchell

Bio: An aspiring actress, Ashley aims to study hard at University to complete her degree.

Born: Day 14, Autumn, Year ???
Traits: Artist, Caregiver, Muser, Near, Perfectionist, Snob
Personality: Popularity Sim
Hobby: Film & Literature
Aspiration: Master Actress
Age: 23
Career: N/A
Education: Studying Drama at Foxbury Institute, Third Year
Clubs: N/A
Partner: None
Children: None
Parents: None
Siblings: None
Home: Tidal Towers, Foxbury Institute, Britechester

Ashley has a history of fairly dramatic behaviour, starting at Foxbury where she’d studied Drama. In Year 3, she got into a violent altercation with Claire over Tony and she never quite recovered from the heartbreak.
Romantic History: None

The Spring Term
What’s The Name Of The Game?
Carpe Noctern
Another Term Begins
A Fresh Outlook
Romantic Complications

Fresher’s Week

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