Angelo Moretti

Angelo Moretti

Bio: Angelo took early retirement from his boring job in business, moved to Oasis Springs and is now hoping to become a famed Juice Fizzer.

Born: Day 20, Spring, Year ???
Traits: Caring, Collector, Everyman, Maker, Loves the Outdoors
Personality: Popularity Sim
Hobby: Nature
Native Language: Simlish
Aspiration: Eco Innovater
Age: 51
Career: Juice Fizzer
Education: N/A
Clubs: N/A
Partner: Romina Moretti, Wife
Children: Anna, Catarina, Luca, Matteo, Elena
Parents: N/A
Siblings: N/A
Home: Villa Bella, Parched Prospect, Oasis Springs

Angleo grew up in Monte Vista, Italy. He was friends with Romina, Magnus and Marie but after he married Romina, they lost contact with Magnus and Marie, who had also married and moved to Oasis Springs. Angleo worked as a businessman for many years and had five children with Romina. He finally grew tired of the drudgery of his job so he quit it, moved the family to Oasis Springs just after Anna started University and has settled down to become a full-time Juice Fizzer.
Romantic History: Angelo and Romina met as children and got married.

You Can’t Choose Your Relatives


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