Andrea Houston

Andrea Houston

Bio: A Sulani girl at heart, Andrea dreams of one day living on the islands and supporting the conservation efforts there. In the meantime, she’s saving everything she can! Determined to maintain her University friendships, she routinely organises nights out with her friends in a bid to keep her relationships strong. She recently moved to Evergreen Harbour with her fiancé and his brother, where she’s become determined to sort out the pollution problem.

Born: Day 17, Summer, Year ???
Traits: Caregiver, Child of the Ocean, Gregarious, Innocent, Loves the Outdoors, Neat
Hobbies: Jogging, Chess
Favourite Music: Electronica
Aspiration: Friend of the World
Age: 25
Career: Conservationist
Education: Economics Degree from Foxbury Institute
Clubs: Conservation Rebellion; The Cinema Girls
Partner: Jared De Luca, Fiancé
– Since Winter, Year 1
Children: None
Parents: Alexander, Erica
Siblings: Aaron
Home: Bouquet Cottage, Conifer Station, Evergreen Harbour
Romantic History: Andrea had a crush on Ethan Richmond when she met him at Foxbury in her first week. She dated him briefly, hooking up a handful of times, before she found out he’d started dating Hollie Croft. After leaving university, Andrea started dating Jared De Luca, whom she had also known at Foxbury. The two have been dating steadily since Winter, Year 1 and she moved into his apartment in Summer, Year 2. They got engaged in Winter, Year 3 and planning to marry in Summer, Year 5.
– Jared De Luca – Winter, Year 1 – Present

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New Digs
Meeting The Parents
Merry Christmas!
Family Ties
We’re Going To Party All Night
One Giant Step For A Woman
What’s Mine Is Yours

1st Anniversary Magic
World United
Could This Be Any Harder?
Losing Control
Happy New Year!
Charity Begins At Home
Easter Special
The Price Of Fame
Another New Direction
Home Is Where The Heart Is
It’s A Family Matter
Life Goes On
Going Alone
Forward Thinking
Things Don’t Always Turn Out That Way
Something Strange In The Neighbourhood
A Restaurant In Time
Don’t Let Me Be The Last To Know
I Think I Want To Marry You
Life Is A Rollercoaster
Bank Holiday Monday

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