Aaron Houston

Aaron Houston

Bio: Having taken a couple of gap years, Aaron’s finally being nudged to University by his parents. After an unpleasant experience he’d rather not talk about, he’s become determined to put his past behind him and enjoy his future. He’s now moved back in with his parents in their new house in Willow Creek.

Born: Day 19, Spring, Year ???
Traits: Competitive, Everyman, Frat Boy, Goofball, Jester, High Metabolism
Personality: Popularity Sim
Hobby: Sports
Aspiration: Sporty Scholar
Age: 22
Career: None
Education: None
Clubs: Challenge Everything
Partner: None
Children: None
Parents: Alexander, Erica
Siblings: Andrea
Home: Love End, Foundry Cove, Willow Creek

Personal History: Aaron was born in SimCity. Aaron moved to Willow Creek to join his parents after an unpleasant experience in the city. He had dreams of heading to university in his sister’s footsteps but he was repeatedly turned down.
Career History: Aaron hasn’t held down a job yet.
Romantic History: A previous relationship has left Aaron uneasy about dating again.

Home Is Where The Heart Is
Forward Thinking
Mind Over Matter

We’re Going To Party All Night
One Giant Step For A Woman
The Big Day
Double Trouble

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