The Celebrity Life

Rebecca posing for photographs.

*Mods I Use*

  • Road To Fame ~ For additional methods of gaining fame. Hayley is the main sim to make use of this mod with her singing career. This mod is great for singers, actors, models etc.
  • Celebrity System ~ This is a great mod by Kiara for expanding the existing celerity system with false accusations, public adoration and public disgrace based on a number of factors!
Kaiden signing autographs.


One thing I like with the celebrity system present in Get Famous is they way your sim can become famous for a variety of things; writing books, painting, making videos, acting, singing etc. There’s a great variety and the sims in The Daily Plumbob do gain and lose fame all the time.

I currently have a fairly small list of celebrities in the game:

Most of the celebs right now are very minor celebs; well known in their chosen field, but not so much beyond those limits. Rebecca’s name is the most recognised; not just for her career but for her very public love life. Jack is also much better known than most of the others, owing to his successful career and habit of dating other celebrities.

Right now, none of the celebrities live in fancy homes; most are still in apartments.

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