University Education

Most students dream of heading to either Foxbury or Britechester when they finish secondary school. Any sim can apply but not just any sim can make it into University. There are several factors that make the difference when Universities choose whether to accept or reject students. These are entirely courtesy of Ilkavelle’s Rejection Letters Are Possible mod.

Students with A or B grades have a higher chance of being accepted into University. However, students with a D or F grade have a higher chance of their applications being rejected. So diligence at school is essential to getting accepted into University.

The traits of students can play a factor in University deciding how likely a student would be to knuckle down and concentrate. So students with Ambitious, Bookworm, Perfectionist, Genius and Creative traits have a much higher chance of being accepted into University.
However, students with Lazy, Goofball and Clumsy traits have a higher chance of being rejected.

Low points in Charisma, Logic and Writing will give a high chance of being rejected from University but higher levels will secure a higher chance of acceptance.



Each student needs 12 credits to pass and graduate with their degree. In my game, the courses take an average of three years so that’s going to be four credits a year. I’m going to play the University students about twice a year, so I’m aiming for them to complete those four credits in two sittings.

Darby’s Den, UBrite

What I’m then doing is switching households after they get their results but before they’re asked to leave the dorms. This way they can stay in the dorms while I work with other households but not progress through their studies without me!
So I’ll be utilising the same system with my next group. It’s currently summer in my game but with the Autumn approaching, I’ve got a few plans in place for the start of the new term.

Larry’s Lagoon, Foxbury

I’ve set up a Fresher’s Day holiday on the first Friday in the autumn. I’ll be using that in conjunction with Kiara’s New Student Day event. So I’ll be spending that first period with my new students who, this year, will be Elliott, Riccardo and Rohan Elderberry. They’ll play through their first term at University, before I’ll switch over at some point to the others. By the time the following summer rolls around, I should have these three with four credits each.

Probation And Suspension
In my last playthrough, I decided that if a sim was suspended twice, they were expelled from the University. This actually happened with Will, Ethan and Ellie and is why neither of them received degrees, in spite of attending Foxbury.

This time, however, I’m going to change that. Right now, Tony is on probation, having done appallingly in his first term. If he gets suspended after the next term, then I’m going to have it that he cannot reenroll at the University until the following autumn. So he’ll have to get a flat and job sorted in between.

At some point I’ll get a more detailed look at the Uni system I’m using. But for now, this will suffice!

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