Primary Education

I play under an English-style education system, because it’s what I’m familiar with. So my Sims start school the academic year they turn 5.

For example: Ronan Edge is the first baby born in this game. He turned 5 in Winter, Year 6 so he started school in Autumn, Year 6.
This means he aged up to child in Autumn, Year 6 while he was technically still 4 and then had his fifth birthday the following season.

So the students stay at primary school for seven years and leave when they’re 11.
There are a variety of trips for students at primary school, courtesy of Ilkavelle’s School Trips Events mod.
At the end of the school year, there is a small party for the leavers, where they will age up to teen.

School YearsChild Ages
Year 15-6
Year 26-7
Year 37-8
Year 48-9
Year 59-10
Year 610-11

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