After School: Jobs & Careers

Riccardo, job hunting

I get fairly nerdy when it comes to jobs and careers for my Sims. Many require degrees for the top jobs but my Sims don’t always keep their jobs, either! With a selection of mods to enhance the process, it’s not not totally straightforward when it comes to getting a job!
This system is still very much a Work-In-Progress so this page will probably update regularly.

*Mods I Use*

  • Career Overhaul Suite ~ Kuttoe created a lovely overhaul of the careers to include new objectives and degree requirements for the Maxis jobs. A very detailed mod and a lot of fun to work through the careers now.
  • Job Finding ~ Zer0 created one of the best mods I’ve found for jobs: the Job Finding mod! This allows your Sims to go through the interview process, build themselves a CV and gain their Job Finding skill.
  • Software Engineer Odd Jobs Pack ~ Provides four odd jobs themed around software engineers and the programming skill.
  • Writing Themed Odd Jobs Pack ~ Provides three odd jobs centred around the writing skill.
  • Animal Themed Odd Jobs Pack ~ Provides 20 animal-themed odd jobs for the animal lover Sims.


Art History
Arts Critic (Critic Career)
Patron Of The Arts (Painter Career)
Trendsetter (Style Influencer Career)
Museum Curator

Bodybuilder (Athletic Career)
Botanist (Gardener Career)
Marine Biologist (Conservationist Career)

Management (Business Career)
Charity Organiser (Political Career)
Public Relations (Social Media Career)
Journalist (Writer Career)
Civic Planner (Civil Designer Career)

Computer Science
Oracle (Criminal Career)
Computer Engineer (Engineer Career)
Start-Up Entrepreneur (Tech Guru Career)

Culinary Arts
Food Critic (Critic Career)
Chef (Culinary Career)
*All Resturant Owners must have this degree*

Comedian (Entertainer Career)
Internet Personality (Social Media Career)

Investory (Business Career)
Administrator (Education Career)
Environmental Manager (Conservationist Career)
*All Business Owners must have this degree (except charity)*

Fine Art
Musician (Entertainer Career)
Floral Designer (Gardener Career)
Master of the Real (Artist Career)
Stylist (Style Influencer)

Judge (Law Career)
Officer (Military Career)
Politics (Political)
Museum Curator

Language and Literature
Personal Attorney (Law Career)
Author (Writer Career)

Space Ranger (Astronaut Career)
Mechanical Engineer (Engineer Career)

Professor (Education Career)
Diamond Agent (Secret Agent Career)
Covert Ops (Military Career)

Interstellar Smuggler (Astronaut)
Criminal Boss (Criminal Career)
Villian (Secret Agent Career)

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