Clubs & Societies

The Actor’s Company

There are numerous clubs and societies to participate in, from Willow Creek to Del Sol Valley and everywhere in between.

AI Inspired
A Robotics club, founded by Jared De Luca. The club meets regularly at Scientia Potentia Est, in Oasis Springs and is focused on developing the Artificial Intelligence programming, through the use of robotics in the lab.
Membership: Jared De Luca

Artists Guild
Designed for the very best of local artists, the Guild has only the top in it’s membership. Founded by talented Windenburg artist, Javon Edge, the Guild is a wonderful creative collection of the very best artistic talent, known for filling the walls of the Rising Sun Art Gallery.
Membership: Javon Edge and Bill Casson

Conservation Rebellion
Founded by Andrea Houston, CR aims to protect endangered species, encourage more sustainable farming and conserving the heritage of the islands of Sulani. A group of dedicated individuals, they’re not afraid to rally their cause against the politicians of San Myshuno. They currently have no meeting place but Andrea is determined for them to have some eco-friendly office space in Sulani.
Membership: Andrea Houston

This club is designed to help new students to Foxbury and UBrite to bond in their first year, or ‘Freshers’ year. Created by Elliott Valentine in Summer, Year 3, it will be passed down to new students every year.
Membership: Elliott, Rohan, Riccardo

Hayley Bolton Management
When Hayley Bolton launched her singing career, she had a lot of help from Zackery Dennis and so she set up her Management Team so they could gather more easily at their base, the recording studio under the San Myshuno Arts Centre.
Membership: Hayley Bolton, Zackery Dennis

Pack A Plasma Punch
The most feared group of vampires, this band are led by Prime Vampire, Will Major. Determined to make their terror known, these vampires are renowned for their lack of manners and intent on terror. They meet almost nightly at Deep Purple.
Membership: Will Major, Donald Burnett, Victor Kendrick

Polite Plasma
A group of vampires who prefer not to compel for their drinks. Led by new vampire, Simon London and meeting almost nightly at Deep Purple, the group prefer their donors to be willing when it comes to offering plasma and will only compel if the situation gets desperate…
Membership: Simon London, Caleb Vatore, Lillith Vatore

Qualisim Basketball Team
Founded by Christopher Valentine and Emilio De Luca, the Qualisim Basketball Team features the best players in the area. Only teenagers playing for the local school can join the team, which meets every weekend for practice at the Sport Court in San Myshuno.
Membership: Christopher Valentine, Emilio De Luca

The Actors Company
Talented actors from around the nation form one of the most prestigious groups ever known to Sims. Founded by questionable actress Rebecca Livingston, the group consists of some of the very best, along with some of the worst, actors to be found on the screen. They’re based on the stages at the Royal Willow Opera House in Willow Creek.
Membership: Rebecca Livingston, Daniel Clancy, Jack Goldsmith, Marcella Winter and Dale McGrath

The Art Club
A club dedicated to those wishing to learn all about painting, who aren’t professionals but think they ought to be. Founded by Gerald Davies, the club has a studio reserved at the Rising Sun Art Gallery in Del Sol Valley and are based there.
Membership: Gerald Davies

The Cinema Girls
A nice group for women who enjoy hanging out at the cinema on Creek Street and gossiping about the latest actors. Who cares about how many calories are in the popcorn when you have such wonderful talent bestowed upon the cinema screens? Organised by Hollie Richmond, it’s started as a club for close friends to hang out and watch the latest rom-coms.
Membership: Hollie Richmond, Andrea Houston, Cristina Lombardo and Daisy Davies

The Simoleon Philharmonic Society
Renowned violinist Kaiden Townsend set up the society to cater for classically trained musicians and provide an outlet for their creativity. Currently, they meet at the Royal Willow Opera House.
Membership: Kaiden Townsend, Justina Berry

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