Attraction & Romance

Jared and Andrea on a date at Eden.

It’s well known that, at present, The Sims 4 has no real attraction system, so it’s something that is either modded in, or largely imagined.
I do a little of both. I have mods to enhance my sims romantic endeavors and it produces some great gameplay!

*Mods I Use*

    • WickedWhims / WonderfulWhims ~ The attraction system in WickedWhims is brilliant and very customisable. If you’re not keen on the NSFW aspect of WickedWhims, then WonderfulWhims uses the same attraction system.
    • Passionate Romance, Romance Skygaze and Romantice Slow Dance ~ All three put together are very lovely and add a good number of new, effective, romantic options for your couples. I use the Manual Romantic Selfie option for the albums I put together for my sims (more information below).
    • Chemistry System ~ I use this alongside the attraction system from WickedWhims to really make my sims love lives more complicated! You can add and remove preferences for each sim and this will have an impact on their interactions. Also very handy for friendly relationships.
    • First Impressions ~ Not just a romantic one but it fits in here beautifully. This mod by Lumpinou adds brand new sentiments to your Sims when they meet someone for the first time. Some sims will develop an instant crush on another Sim, so it adds an extra layer to their social, and romantic, interactions.
    • Road To Romance ~ Alongside the others, this mod has added a lot to my romance system in game. With an actual Romance skill, not all romantic endeavors will be successful and things might not always work out. I’ve found this to be a wonderful addition to the romantic mods.
    • No Strings Attached ~ I’ve only just installed this one but I can envision Rebecca making good use of this! Ideal for ‘friends with benefits’ relationships.
    • Woohoo Wellness and Pregnancy Overhaul ~ Again, only just installed this but I think it’s going to fit in very nicely!
    • Romantic Wishes ~ This lovely little gem allows your Sims to express romantic wishes to their significant others. Now, they can celebrate anniversaries and other holidays and express that with a loved one.
    • Improved Romantic Animations ~ This is a lovely little mod to make the animations for romantic interactions a lot better.
    • Longer Makeout Sessions And Intimacies ~ As it says, it lengthens the time of certain romantic interactions so they last longer.
    • Leap Into Arms & Carry Lovingly ~ Reintroduces the leap into arms interaction from Sims 3.
    • Unused Romantic Interactions ~ Adds in a few romantic interactions that were in the game coding but never used.
    • Whim Overhaul ~ Not strictly for romance but this mod is incredibly useful and something of a must-have. With this, the Sims will put in whims to get into relationships, get engaged, get married etc, without you always having to force it.
    • The Personality Mod ~ This one is my own mod which includes new whims. When given one of these personalities, it gives a new set of whims which can be ideal for relationships.
Richard and Tina at Foxbury Fountain.

*Photo Albums*
I started creating photo albums because I take a LOT of screenshots in my game of big events, like engagements, weddings, honeymoons etc. I don’t actually use poses in my game very often but for the photo albums, I use a mixture of the Manual Romantic Selfie poses from Passionate Romance and some of the ‘Teasing’ options, fully clothed, from animation packs for WickedWhims. Put together, these can make for some lovely albums. Examples:

For more photo albums from my game, have a look over here.

Javon and Isabella’s wedding day.

With all the mods listed above, the romance system for my Sims has developed considerably. The sims now have one-sided attractions which has made for some excellent storytelling! With WickedWhims’ attraction system in particular, I’ve ‘created’ a bolt system, reminiscent of the attraction system in Sims 2.

  • ‘Attractive’ is equal to one bolt. For example, Zoe finds Elliott attractive, so this equates to 1 bolt of attractiveness.
  • ‘Very Attractive’ is equal to two bolts. Again, Zoe finds Rohan very attractive, so she has 2 bolts with him.
  • ‘Extremely Attractive’ is equal to three bolts. Zoe finds Indigo extremely attractive, so she effectively has 3 bolts with him.

This does allow for one-sided ‘crushes’. For example, Rosie Valentine is pretty crazy about Emilio De Luca and finds him extremely attractive (3 bolts). However, Emilio isn’t quite as crazy over Rosie; he finds her very attractive (2 bolts). So a relationship with them would still work but there always a chance of Emilio finding someone he’s more attracted to.

Alexander Goth finds Saffron very attractive (2 bolts) but she finds him pretty basic looking. So there’s no mutual attraction there at all and a relationship between the two isn’t very likely.

Additionally, with the Chemistry system, there might be a mutual attraction between the sims but their chemistry might not be very good. Zoe and Rohan, while attracted to each other, don’t have good chemistry; so their conversations aren’t always that good and their relationship is harder to improve. While a relationship with them works to an extent, it doesn’t have good long-term prospects.

Rebecca and Kaiden out on a dinner date.

Depending on the Sim, I like to try and vary the dates my Sims go on, when I can. So the next section will feature some ideas and suggestions for what you can do to make your Sim’s dates interesting!

    • ✨Dinner Date✨ ~ An oldie but a goodie. A quiet dinner date for two can be perfect for a first date between two sims who’d like to get to know each other.
      It’s also wonderful for a couple who just want a night out, for a meal they haven’t had to cook!
    • Coffee Date ✨ ~ Maybe dinner’s a little soon. What about a cup of coffee with that fascinating and gorgeous new Sim you just met?
    • Romantic Movie✨ ~ What about going to the local cinema to see a movie together? Perfect opportunity to get to know another Sim by monitoring their movie preferences!
    • Bowling ✨ ~ Perhaps a casual date? Bowling could be the answer. Gerald and Daisy enjoyed bowling for their first anniversary!
    • Awards Ceremony✨ ~ Ever thought of inviting a date to the Starlight Accolades? The ceremony fell on Gerald and Daisy’s actual anniversary (they went bowling the next day), so Gerald took Daisy to the event and they made a date out of it!
    • Dirty Weekend✨ ~ Perhaps your couple have been together a while. Why not go away for a weekend together? A romantic mountain getaway could be just what they need! Or maybe a quiet weekend in Granite Falls with nobody but the crickets to hear you?
    • The Festival✨ ~ What about going to a local festival with your date? You could even go out for a double date with another couple you know!
    • Out For A Drink✨ ~ Maybe your sims prefer something a little less formal? What about a drinks date at a local pub or wine bar? Perhaps your sims will relax a little more in more casual surroundings!
    • Charity Benefit✨ ~ What about taking a date to a charity benefit? Due to Andrea’s excellent reputation, she gets invited to charity benefits and can even host them herself. Jared is often her date to these events and makes for a nice night out!
    • A Night In✨ ~ Perhaps a quiet night in is all that’s really needed? Why not invite your sim’s date over to the house/flat and watch a movie together? Chat and mess around on the sofa?
    • Beach Date✨ ~ During the summer, a beach date could be ideal for a couple in love. Javon and Isabella love heading to Sulani for a romantic day at the beach!
    • The Romance Festival✨ ~ I mentioned festivals earlier but the Romance Festival deserves a special mention. Why not take your sim and their significant other to the Romance Festival for the night? Maybe an impromptu wedding is in the future…
    • The Bluffs✨ ~ Both nature lovers? Then what about a date to the Bluffs? Especially at night, it’s very quiet and has remarkable views over the bay.
    • Karaoke Night✨ ~ What about a fun evening singing karaoke? There’s always a chance at winning if your sims take part in the karaoke competitions!
    • Music Festival✨ ~ What about inviting your date to a music festival to sing and dance the night away?
    • Museum/Art Gallery✨ ~ Maybe one of your Sims loves art and history. Why not take a date out to a museum or gallery? Even the Von Haunt Estate provides some beautiful scenery and old portraits to satisfy the artistic soul.

In my early simming days, my Sims would get together as teenagers and stay that way. They’d get married, have children and grow old. No dating, no drama and no break ups. I play very differently now, and not all my sims who get together, stay together. There’s quite a bit of diversity in the relationship dynamics between my Sims.

I have certain rules for when a breakup occurs:

  • 💔A Whim💔~ I actually only had this occur once, when Rebecca was at University. She put in a whim to break up with Gerald after returning from a suspension, so I ran with it.
  • 💔Caught Cheating💔~ this actually also depends heavily on the other sim’s traits. If they have the Jealous trait, instant breakup. Other factors, such as chemistry and romantic relationship score, come into play here but mostly, they split. An example of this is Rebecca, Gerald and Jack. Gerald invited Jack out to Creek Street and Becks happened to be there. She flirted with Gerald in front of Jack and Jack got angry. So I nudged him to break up with her.
  • 💔Celebrity💔~ Why does this affect breakups, I hear you ask? It’s not as random as you think. In my mind, these guys are constantly in the spotlight (Hayley really is!) and their every movement is documented by the press, so their relationships are too! I made a point of mentioning this in the Hayley/Raúl/Jack/Ryan saga. With Hayley in the spotlight, she is photographed a lot when she’s out and about. When she was dating Jack, she got photographed at the Romance Festival with Raúl! A little tip here: Hayley gets followed ALL THE TIME by the press, which is pretty realistic. This is actually courtesy of the Road To Fame mod. She’s got a higher celebrity status within that mod, so she’s followed a LOT. Since Hayley was photographed, I envisioned it made the headlines. Jack was inevitably going to find out, so I invented that particular scenario, since there was no way he would have done in game. Since Jack’s also in the public eye, he broke up with Hayley. This scenario will work even better with Kiara’s Celebrity System mod.
  • 💔Traits💔~ If sims have traits such as Non-Committal (looking at you, Jack!) then I feel they’d be looking for excuses to break it off. So the first indication that things have gone wrong (autonomous argument, cheating etc) and they’re off.

So these four points (Whims, Cheating, Celebrity, Traits) are the main ones I use to determine whether Sims will break up. However, there are other, smaller, factors that can sometimes come in to play, such as attractiveness and chemistry. More details on these later, when the story catches up to the gameplay!

Of course, if the breakup involves children or the couple were married, then child support and alimony needs to be taken into account. I discuss that in more detail on the Finances page.

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