Due to how many story updates there currently are (over 140), I’ve now split each year onto it’s own page.

Year 1 ~ Archive

Year 1 has only one story update. This is because I didn’t start taking regular screenshots and making updates until the end of this year when the students had graduated University.

Year 2 ~ Archive

Year 2 Summary ~ Year 2 was really the first full year spent with the residents and introduced several of the residents and their families.

Year 3 ~ Archive

Year 3 Summary ~ Year 3 had a fair amount of drama with some relationships breaking off and new ones starting. Additionally, several teens grew up and set off for University.

Year 4 ~ Archive

Year 4: Summary ~ Year 4 was a busy year with some upsets and dramas. This year was also the first proper introduction to the annual UTA Music Festival.

Year 5 ~ Archive

Year 5: Summary ~ Year 5 included a dramatic break up of a marriage and several new starts for the residents. Quite a number of Sims went through some heartbreak and major changes this year.

Year 6 ~ Archive

Year 6: Summary ~ Year 6 included some new relationships and big surprises for many of the residents. Several Sims talk about making changes in their lives and some embark on new adventures.

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