Year 6: Summary

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On to the summary!

Year 6 was fairly busy and slightly chaotic with a variety of relationship dynamics being brought forth or even changing. So settle down and enjoy the review into Year 6 of The Daily Plumbob!

Riccardo graduates from University with a degree in Biology and starts firing off job applications. He also found himself in the role of advisor to his younger siblings when troubles arise in school.
Daisy gives birth to her daughter Vanya and discovers that Gerald is indeed the father. Daisy and Hollie meet for lunch to repair their relationship. Daisy has an uncomfortable confrontation with Gerald about the baby and Ethan’s stress levels increase with job pressure.
Eve struggles to accept an unplanned pregnancy and the announcement doesn’t go down well. Indigo’s privacy is invaded when Rose reads his journal. Saffy and Christopher admit to crushes on each other.
– Riccardo gets offered a job interview but argues with Lucia when she doesn’t seem pleased for him. He later spots her flirting with someone else and goes to Kathleen and Jared for advice. Keith and Kathleen share a dance together at a nightclub. Jared and Andrea discover they’re expecting a baby.
– Danielle and Zoe enter the debate showdown amid struggles with their studies. Heath bumped into Hollie at Muse and the two hit it off and began talking and Fabian finally got up the courage to spend the night with Rex.
Rohan and Zoe argue when Rohan catches Zoe flirting behind his back. Raúl, Elliott and Claire all graduate and branch out on their own.

Sean celebrates his first birthday and his parents take him to the Arts Centre for the day. Marcella gets uncomfortable when she sees Jack’s new director making eyes at him but late indulges in a mild flirtation of her own with Gerald. Jack meets up with his friend Ellie and ends up kissing her. Marcella confides in Maggie about her suspicions regarding Jack’s director and Maggie dishes out some home truths and advice, which Marcella fails to act on.
Javon and Isabella make the decision to move to Henford-On-Bagley, as their present home is too small for them and Isabella finds she really loves the country life.
– Zoe has a row with Magnus about her life and Riccardo steps in to mediate. Elliott and Danielle split up and Danielle starts enjoying flirtations with Matteo, culminating in a passionate kiss at the Music Festival. Hollie and Heath make arrangements to go on a date together and dance at the festival. Ethan sees them and is furious and Cristina gives him a reality check.
– Zoe destroys Danielle at the debate showdown but Matteo’s there to cheer her up. Hayley performs again for the Music Festival and maintains the balance between her private life and her job. Zoe and Rohan’s relationship develops tension as Rohan shows signs of distress when Zoe insists on sex and she ignores those signs. Heath and Hollie go on their first date together.
– University acceptances begin rolling out and Catarina, Emilio, Christopher, Caddy and Saffy all get accepted. Angelo starts nagging Anna about her relationship with Nick. Tara develops a crush on Christopher, in spite of her mild flirtations with Luca. Eve gives birth to baby Forest amid the celebrations. Rosie starts dabbling in makeup and has The Talk with Maggie, which doesn’t go well. Christopher is gutted he wasn’t accepted into UBrite, where his friends were going but resigns himself to Foxbury instead. William finds the close relationship between his sons a little too much at times.

Will and Lillith’s relationship starts to strain when Lillith won’t reveal information Will wants. Lillith is startled to discover just how much power Will has gained over the years and for the first time, questions her safety. She later discovers a specter in the house and comes to a realisation.
Rebecca invites Jack, Marcella, Dale and Daniel out to try a new restaurant in town and is delighted with the press show up. Dale’s also delighted but for different reasons. She later meets up with Ellie, Hollie and Andrea at a pub and tries probing Ellie and Hollie about their relationship statuses but gets nowhere with either of them. Dale arrives and he and Rebecca resolve an argument over Rebecca’s professional involvement with her ex. She gets involved in a nude photoshoot, organised by David and behind Dale’s back.
Ronan is starting school and Isabella finds it a little tough to cope with, although it gives her a little more time to focus on her writing. Javon and Isabella have a chat and agree they want another baby.
– Emilio, Catarina, Christopher, Saffy and Caddy all set off for University. Caddy meets one of their dormmates, Jason, and the two hit it off. She was enamoured with him immediately and suddenly found herself in bed with him on a whim. Emilio joins the football team and starts getting to know his new teammates. Caddy and Jason agree to make their budding relationship official and are inadvertently walked-in on when Indigo comes for a visit. Caddy later discovers she’s pregnant. She later confesses to Saffy who is devastated for her. Caddy plucks up the courage to tell Jason and he agrees to support her.
– Emilio and Rosie’s relationship hits the rocks when he finds himself feeling less comfortable with Rosie. He comes out as bisexual to her and she doesn’t take it well. Saffy enjoys attention from two of their dormmates and is having fun flirting with both. Caddy gets stressed over the impending conversation about the baby with her family.
– Rebecca organises a Halloween party and nearly has a meltdown when one of her nude shots is on the cover of the magazine. She ends up enjoying the party with Dale, although she’s keenly aware she hasn’t yet made a decision about him and David yet. She notices the way Jack and Ellie look at each other and gets suspicious but is stung when Ellie lashes out at her. Rebecca later talks to Andrea about the situation and her friend talks some sense into her. She bumps into David again and spends the afternoon with him. She tries to get Ellie’s opinion on the matter but the sisters end up arguing again.
– Caddy heads home for a break and tells her parents about the baby. Eve starts to lecture Caddy on responsibility and insists on meeting Jason. Jason ends up agreeing to move in with Caddy and her family and they go out to dinner with Bill and Eve. Tara turns up with a gift for Indigo to cheer him up and he ends up asking her on a date.
– Indigo and Tara’s date goes very well and both have their first kiss. They end up breaking curfew and Bill explodes at Indigo when he gets home. Indigo vents all his frustrations with their family at Bill, who is startled by the outburst.
– Christopher joins the Foxbury football team and finds himself in the unenviable position of the newest member of the team. Lucia talks to her friend Giovanni about her concerns regarding her relationship with Riccardo. Anthony gets himself into hot water with Grace and Sasha. Emilio talks to Christopher about his relationship with Rosie and Chris agrees to talk to her. The Valentine siblings end up meeting at Coastal to discuss their parents and Chris and Rosie have a row.
– Ethan ends up confronting Hollie over her relationship with Heath and the two have a row. Lucia has a heart-to-heart with Riccardo and they resolve their issues. Christopher finds his teammates insufferable and he struggles to get along with them. He later gets a surprise visit from Maggie, who starts reprimanding him for interfering in Rosie’s love life.

– Lucia still hasn’t properly met Riccardo’s family and their relationship is still tense. In desperation, Riccardo talks to a romance Guru who gives him a surprising prediction. Later, he signs up as a male model to help boost his income and starts looking for his own flat. Andrea goes into labour and delivers twin daughters, Bellarosa and Sienna by c-section. They host a family gathering to meet the new babies once Andrea recovers a little from the birth and Riccardo uses this as an opportunity for Lucia to meet the family. Jared starts criticising Zoe’s decision to marry Rohan.
– Marcella wants to start planning the wedding but Jack’s dragging his feet. Rebecca reveals to Jack that she knows about his affair with Ellie but promises to say nothing. Marcella wants another baby and has a plan to get exactly what she wants, as well as to get Jack to participate in the wedding plans. She later reveals she’s pregnant and Jack is devastated. They argue a lot when Jack realises Marcella tricked him to get pregnant. Jack is later awarde a star on the Starlight Boulevard but while Hayley and Rebecca celebrate with him, Marcella doesn’t. He later goes out for dinner with Ellie but the photographers turn up. Ellie convinces Jack to stay at her flat for the night and Jack ends up confessing his feelings.
Ryan finds the press intrusion into his life frustrating and vents to Elliott. He’s spending as much time with Hayley as possible before she goes on tour. He talks to Christopher about life, money and sex and reminisces over his first night with Hayley, which seems to freak Christopher out. Ryan plucks up the courage and proposes to Hayley.
– Hollie invites Heath to stay for Christmas and they take their relationship to the next level. Heath enjoys bonding with Jenna and Jareth and they go sledding together. Daisy and Ethan arrive for a visit and it goes smoothly. Daisy finds a ring in Ethan’s bag and wants Hollie’s opinion of what she should do. Ethan and Hollie end up arguing about Heath, who later orders Ethan to leave.
– Daisy and Ethan get engaged and they talk about money and their futures. Daisy starts looking for a part time job but finds herself pregnant before she can take one up. Ethan gets diagnosed with migraines and decides he wants to try for a degree again.
– Caddy discovers she’s expecting twins. Rose starts middle school and Indigo has another row with his parents over Tara.
– Keith tries starting a relationship with Kathleen and after a rocky start, they make a go of it. Ashley comes out as bisexual to Niamh, who takes it very well.

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