A New Complication

Suddenly Ethan’s Life Just Got A Lot More Difficult…
Some images are slightly NSFW

Winter, Year 6
Ethan is 27, Hollie is 27, Daisy is 24, Racquel is 20 and Vanya is 11 months

Daisy still couldn’t believe it. She was engaged to Ethan at last! He’d proposed to her unexpectedly only a few hours before and she was excited.
Her attention was brought back to the thoughts she’d been having for a while now. It had been crossing her mind for several months and now that they were engaged, it was like a persistent bell.
She wanted a baby with Ethan.

Unfortunately, every discussion on the subject ended in disagreements. While Daisy was keen, Ethan wasn’t sure it was such a good idea.
Inwardly, he winced every time the topic came up. Right now, the situation was complicated enough. He was engaged to his ex-wife’s sister; he had two children with Hollie and Daisy had a daughter with her ex-husband. The last thing the family really needed was another baby. Especially as finances were tight, with only Ethan working.

Daisy conceded that the finances were definitely a problem and agreed that, since Vanya was almost a year old, she should probably start looking for a job herself.
So the following morning, she set about the job search.

With Ethan at work all day, there wasn’t a lot for Daisy to do. She loved spending time with Vanya and could hardly believe her daughter was going to have her first birthday soon. The time really had flown by.
Cuddling her daughter only made her think more about having a family with Ethan. There was only one other person she really wanted to talk to about this.

“So did I hear you properly on the phone? You want to start a family with Ethan?” Hollie hugged her sister in a bit of a daze. Ethan wasn’t exactly the best father around, although Hollie admitted he wasn’t the worst either. “Are you sure? You’ve only just got engaged!”
“I know, it’s quite soon and with everything-” Daisy suddenly stopped. “Oh Watcher, I didn’t think. I shouldn’t be asking you this.”
Hollie sighed. “Look Daisy, you’re my sister and I love you. But I don’t love Ethan any more; it won’t bother me what you two do and I certainly won’t pass judgements.” She sighed again. “I would, however, prefer it if you kept me out of decision making. You have to do what’s right for you.”
Daisy nodded and bit her lip. She never had been good at making decisions on her own.

By the time Ethan had returned home that evening, Daisy had had an idea. It wasn’t her best, she knew that but she was desperate. Seducing Ethan had never been difficult, either…

In spite of their situation, Ethan and Daisy did find they had more in common. Daisy was willing to listen to Ethan’s programming; Ethan was willing to go to the leisure centre with Daisy and hit the treadmill while Daisy meditated.

They were both equally enthusiastic over their future wedding. While they hadn’t set a date yet, both were keen to get married sooner, rather than later.
Their finances might be stretched but they always managed to make it work.

Money was the main source of their stress. Daisy had a little coming in from Gerald for Vanya but it wasn’t much; he was struggling to make ends meet with the restaurant. Ethan also paid out regularly for Jenna and Jareth so at the end of each week, there wasn’t a lot left. Since that was the biggest argument Ethan had against starting their own family, Daisy set about applying for jobs.

Finally, they got a break. Ethan had been working incredibly hard and he finally came home one evening with a promotion in the bag.
“I’m so proud of you,” Daisy said, beaming, as they sat down to dinner. “I applied for some part time jobs, too. I thought it might help if there was at least a little coming in from me, too.”
Ethan smiled. “It definitely will. We can actually start saving a bit now. I was thinking about seeing if we could at least get a bigger flat soon, as well as putting money towards the wedding.”
Daisy’s eyes sparkled.

There was, however, a slight snag.
Daisy was pregnant.

She knew she wouldn’t get away with not telling Ethan so she took a deep breath, walked back into the lounge and sat him down on the sofa.
“Ethan, I need to tell you something,” she began. Deciding there was no point beating about the bush, she plunged straight in. “Ethan, I’m pregnant.”
He stared at her in shock. “You can’t be,” he said flatly. “You’re on the Pill.”
Wincing, she avoided his eye. “I…might have forgotten it…”
“Might have?” Ethan’s eyes widened. “Daisy, this really isn’t the time. Didn’t we recently talk about this?”
“I know, I know. But at least the promotion will…help?”
Inside, Daisy was gutted. In spite of everything he’d said, she really did think Ethan would be happy that they were expecting a baby. His raw reaction caught her off guard.
Suddenly, Ethan stood up and walked towards the bedroom.
“Where are you goin?” Daisy asked after him.
“I need to think.” Ethan called back. “I’m going for a run.”

While out in the cold, evening air, Ethan’s mind was racing. Had Daisy done that on purpose? He was suspecting she had but at the same time, he couldn’t really envision Daisy being that devious. It wasn’t like her.
Then the obvious worry about money came back to eat at him. With Vanya almost a year old, his two children living with their mother and now a new baby and a wedding, Ethan could envision his bonus money disappearing before his eyes. The dust had barely settled on his promotion and pay rise and already, he was worrying about where he was going to find the extra money.
His head began to pound.

The following day, his head felt worse. He’d been struggling with headaches a lot over the past several weeks and had an appointment booked with his doctor.
He was diagnosed with chronic migraines, likely brought on by stress. That was hardly surprising, given the way his life was panning out. He was 27, working in IT with a good career ahead of him, although it could be better. He was divorced, with two children with his ex-wife and was now engaged to his ex-wife’s sister, who had a child with her ex husband. Now he was expecting a baby with his fiancĂ©e.
How did it get to this? Suddenly, it felt like the answer was right in front of him.

After talking to Daisy about his appointment, he then produced what he felt was a good solution.
“I think I should try for that degree again,” Ethan said.
“Excuse me?” Daisy raised her eyebrows. “Ethan, we really can’t afford that right now. You’re still paying off the loans from last time. And is this really the time to add more stress to your life? You’ve just been told you have chronic migraines!”
“I know but I think it might help the finances in the long run, Daisy.”
“Yes, but what about now?” Daisy sighed. “Oh Ethan, that’s not a solution at all.”

“I know you’re worried about the baby. But please, just take some time out to relax, okay? We’ll be fine but I need you to be sensible and not think too far ahead, all right?”
Ethan nodded. He knew Daisy was right but he still couldn’t see a long term future working out well. And that worried him.

As the days passed, Ethan felt his head getting worse. There seemed to be no way out of the present situation and nothing seemed to be making his migraines any better.

Daisy, on the other hand, felt quite relaxed about the situation. She believed they’d find a way forward and that Ethan was getting stressed over nothing. She settled in Vanya’s bedroom, knitting away for the new baby and idly wondering how she was going to tell Hollie.

After Daisy had gone out to walk the dog, Ethan found himself sitting at the table with one of their neighbours, Racquel. And he somehow found himself spilling all his troubles out to her. About the divorce, his feelings for Hollie and Daisy, the new baby, the wedding and about the finances. All the things he didn’t feel he could tell Daisy properly.

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